2019 AIEA Annual Conference Session Materials

Many thanks to session presenters for making these materials available. Note all links below will open as .pdf files unless otherwise indicated.

Are Ethics Optional? Maintaining a Moral Compass Amid Internationalization’s Competing Demands
Katy Rosenbaum, Matthew Pucciarelli 
Discussion Summary

Assessing Internationalization Planning: What Counts as Progress Even if it Can’t be Counted?
Charles Reilly, Robin Matross Helms, Susan Carvalho

Beyond Student Mobility: Staff Development Initiatives for Better Internationalization
Andrew Tsung, Joji Kijima, Véronique Debord-Lazaro

Bringing out the Best in Faculty: Enhancing Intercultural Interaction and Learning in the Classroom
Hiroko Akiba, Yukako Yonezawa, Kauko Suematsu

Budget and Funding Models for Internationalization
John Sunnygard, Paulo Zagalo-Melo

Building Academic Partnerships in the Americas through Collaboration
Ukiah Busch, Arlene Jackson, Dairo Moreno, Jose Santiago

COIL as a Catalyst: Leveraging COIL to Scale Comprehensive Internationalization
Veronica Onorevole, Daniela Ascarelli, Lea Minniti

Country Issues Briefs: New Partnership Opportunities
Dana Petrova, Elaisa Vahnie, Linda Rutledal, Steve Baeza-Abadie, Karen Bauer, Maria Mercedes Salmon, Garrett Gietzen

Data to Action: Best Practices in Evidence-Based Decision Making for International Student Success
Nannette Rimester, Wendy Luther, Katie Orr

Decolonizing Internationalization
Roger Adkins, Andrew Williams

Discourage, Delay, Deny: How the Campaign to Reduce Legal Immigration Will Affect Your Campus
Victoria Jones, Pariknaz Zartoshty, David Ware

The Emerging Roles of an SIO as a Driver for Innovation
Nadia Scipio del Campo, Dan Rizzoli, Britta Baron

Export Control: Everything You Need to Know and How to Find the Rest
Victoria Jones, Marci Copeland

Information Session: Building Strategic Partnerships for Student Mobility in the Asia Pacific Region
Shingo Ashizawa, Anthony Johnson
Presentation 1 | Presentation 2

Institutional Alignment for Internationalization, Models & Methodologies: Three Perspectives
Susan Carvalho, Sandra Guarín, María Carolina Serrano

Internationalization’s Weak Link: Non-academic Staff as Game-Changers
Sabine Pendl, Lea Senn, Marina Casals

Mapping and NSSE: Relating Institutional Internationalization Efforts and Student Global Learning
Lucia Brajkovic, Jillian Kenzie, Robin Helms
Presentation | Handout

Moving the Needle on Student Mobility: Quality and Quantity
Lise Laporte, Colleen Packer, John Wood

Navigating the Complex Relationships between Pathway Providers and University Stakeholders
Kari Costello, Nicole J. Harris-Sealey, Senem S. Bakar

New Agreements of ASEAN+3 Nations on an Aligned Educational Framework: Is It a Promising Idea?
Taiji Hotta, Yuto Kitamura, Midori Kojima

Quantity over Purpose? Rethinking Internationalization
Nannette Rimester, David Comp, Douglas Proctor

Seven-Minute Motivators: Innovations in Curricular, Campus and Program Design
Brent White, Daniel Palm, Cesar Flores, Shelley Stephenson

Spotlight on AIEA Opportunities: AIEA Publications & Leadership Academy for New SIOs
Binbin Jiang, Angie Maffeo, Annie Phillips, Amir Reza, Teresa Wise

The Strategic Role of Intensive English Programs in American Universities
Jun Liu, Suzanne Panferov Reese, Mark Algren

Strategically Engaging with International Rankings: Experiences from Three Universities
David Fleshler, Andy Gillespie, Jane Gatewood, Daniel Guhr

Sustainable Cooperation with Brazil Post Science Without Borders
Adel El Zaïm, Leandro Russovski Tessler, Margot N. Gill, Peter Mascher

A Systems Approach to Leading Institutional Internationalization Using Data Analysis and Trends
Sukant Misra, Grant Chapman, Randy Kluver, Jane Meza

Transatlantic Trajectories: Comparing Survey Data on Internationalization in Europe and the U.S.
Lucia Brajkovic, Anna-Malin Sandstrom, Douglas Proctor

Virtual Exchange in the Global Learning Portfolio
GianMario Besana, Sharon Nagy

What’s Next? More Inclusive Internationalization with (More) Equal Opportunities for ALL Students!
Kees Kouwenaar, Martha Johnson, Helena Gillespie