Webinar: Senior International Officer (SIO) and Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) Partnerships 


Friday, October 3, 2014

1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT 

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In the current academic landscape, Senior International Officers (SIOs) and Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) find many similarities in their responsibilities, with potential opportunities to collaborate in order to align and achieve their respective goals. This webinar will explore and help participants maximize this potential for campus synergy through tips and best practices for SIO and CDO partnerships.  Join us as the presidents of AIEA and NADOHE (National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education) identify where internationalization and diversity initiatives may converge and explore ways to make the most of these opportunities.


alt Harvey Charles serves as Vice Provost for International Education at Northern Arizona University and is currently President of AIEA. He provides institutional leadership for international education initiatives, helps to facilitate international teaching, research and learning opportunities for faculty and students, and consults with institutions on curriculum and campus internationalization. Harvey has worked to make diversity a key element in how global learning is conceptualized at Northern Arizona University.  He has served as SIO at a number of institutions around the United States in a 25 year career.
alt Benjamin Reese is a clinical psychologist, Vice President for Institutional Equity and Chief Diversity Officer at Duke University and Duke University Health System.  He has responsibility for diversity/inclusion, affirmative action/equal opportunity, and harassment/discrimination prevention.  He is also adjunct faculty in the departments of Community & Family Medicine and Psychology and Neuroscience. He has represented the International Council of Psychologists and the World Federation for Mental Health at the UN. Dr. Reese is currently president of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE).