Listserv Summary Results

AIEA members occasionally use the AIEA Listserv to ask SIO colleagues for insight on internationalization-related issues. Topics previously discussed and a summary of responses are available below (.pdf files). 

Review of Articulation of Transfer of Credits

Rogue Faculty in Study Abroad Programs

Lines of SIO Reporting: Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs

Members only: University Data Privacy Policies, Post-GDPR

Institutional Approaches to Programs in Haiti

Institutional Responses to February 2018 Remarks by FBI Director Regarding China

Fees for Hosting International Delegations

Italian Barile Law Compliance 

Considerations for Online Teaching International Students in East Asia 

International Advisory Councils/Committees: Structures 

Justifications for Reporting to Academic Affairs

Overseas Campuses as Safe Havens for Refugees and the Stateless

Institutional Responses to January 27, 2017 U.S. Executive Order "Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States by Foreign Nationals" (website)

US University Acceptance of 3-Year Bachelors from India & China

Release Time for Study-Abroad Program Coordinating Faculty

Housing Strategies for Growing International Student Populations

Graduate Admissions: Three Year Undergraduate Degrees

Visiting Student Policies

International Recruiters and Labor Laws

International Student Testing Accommodations

Conditional Admissions Pathways for Graduate Students 

International Student Health Insurance Policies 

Faculty-Led Program Credit Policies

Risk Management Committees

Education Abroad and ISSS Funding Models at Large Research Universities

Faculty/Staff Travel to Saudi Arabia 

Study Abroad Transfer Credits: Grades and Dean’s List/Honors Eligibility  

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act 

Sponsored Student Fees 

SIO Travel 

FBI Requests- Monitoring International Student Attendance 

Administrative Structures at Institutions without an SIO

Testing Services for Non-Native English Speakers 

International Education "Provocateurs" 

Internationalizing Promotion & Tenure

International Student Admissions: Using Lines of Credit for I-20 "Sufficient Funds" 

International Internships

Faculty Development Workshops, International Students

Students as Consumers: Identifying Study Abroad Destination Choice Influences for Marketing Purposes

Advisor Council Structure and Goals

Encouraging Students to Study Abroad

VAT Recovery

Companion Traveler Policy Benchmarking

Accreditation QEP Focus on Internationalization

Travel to Haiti

Partners of the Americas Relationships

Accreditation and Reputation of China’s Zhongshan (a.k.a. Sun Yat-Sen) University

Institutions with Model International Student Orientation Programs and Support

International Office Structure

Funding Conundrum

Faculty Fulbrights

International Agreement Templates to Include Language Pertaining to Title VI

India Institutional Engagement Research Findings

Impact of Internationalization

Study Abroad Funding Methods

Use of Digital Measures Software to Track International Activity

Rewards and Recognition

Full-Time Marketing and Communications Positions on Campuses

Universities/Colleges Offering Biochemistry Undergraduate Degrees

Travel Under DOS Travel Warnings

Study Abroad Benchmarking

US Institutions in School of Record Partnerships

Fundraising/Development for International Higher Education

Guidelines: Travel Grants for Faculty International Engagement

Area Studies and Centers for International Affairs

Question regarding Study Abroad in Cuba

NAFSA e-discussion: Which international college fair is right for you?

Question regarding Guidelines for Schools of Record

Question on International Degree Agreements with Tuition Agreements

Question on International Undergraduate Student Recruiters

Follow-up Question on International Undergraduate Student Recruitment

Fulbright Scholars and Health Insurance

Articulation Agreement Templates

Best Practices on Choosing Host Families

Export Control Technology Transfer Issues

Scholarships & Financial Aid for International Degree-Seeking Undergraduates


Existing Lists of SIOs titles in US Institutions (2011)

Social Media in International Student Recruiting and Outreach Survey Results

Corporate Study Abroad Partnerships (2011)