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*Given the COVID-19 pandemic, AIEA member rates have been frozen for the 2021-2022 member year.  

Guides to the Membership Process:

The membership guides linked below are designed to help you determine both the appropriate membership and whether there are any prerequisites to your application. AIEA strongly recommends that you look at these guides before submitting an application or renewal form.  

Renewal Guide: for previous AIEA members
Application Guide: for new AIEA members

Membership Essentials: 

AIEA Membership Cycle:

  • The membership cycle runs from July 1 through June 30 
  • Membership rates will not increase for 2021-2022
  • It is not possible to pro-rate membership fees.

Institutional or Organizational Membership Requirement

An Institutional or Organizational membership is connected directly to only one senior representative of an institution or organization. Once the Institutional/organizational membership fee is paid, then other staff employed at that campus or organization can join at the individual membership level. The Institutional membership is generally held by an institution's Senior International Officer.

Membership Processing

Please allow 10 business days for AIEA to process your application after your payment has been received.

Email Requirement

  • Please note that members must join AIEA with an email address at the organization or institution that they are affiliated with in order for memberships to be activated. AIEA does not accept applications from other email addresses (including, but not limited to,, and 
  • Unaffiliated Members are the only exception and can join with a generic email address. 

Transfer Policy

  • Membership dues are not refundable or transferable to another institution/organization. If members change institutions/organizations, they will need to reapply for membership. Please contact the [email protected] before attempting to renew an existing membership or submitting a new application. 
  • If you have an institutional or organizational membership, you may transfer the membership to another senior international officer within the same member institution/organization by sending their name and contact information to [email protected]. This membership transfer will be valid through the end of the membership term unless notified otherwise.
  • If you have an individual membership, you can transfer the membership to another person in the same institution/organization.
  • To maintain your AIEA membership status, you must either purchase another membership at your new institution/organization or purchase an unaffiliated individual membership. Please contact the [email protected] for detailed information on purchasing another membership. 
  • If your new institution/organization is already an AIEA member, then you can join as an individual member. If your new institution/organization is not a current AIEA member, you will need to join as the institutional/organizational member. Click here to see if your institution/organization is an AIEA member or contact [email protected]

Refund Policy

AIEA membership cannot be cancelled or refunded.
Note: If a new membership application duplicates an existing institutional or organizational membership, one of these can be transferred to an individual membership and AIEA will refund the difference in cost.

Membership Categories, Fees and Applications

Take advantage of MULTI-YEAR member discounts!  

Institutional and non-profit organizations:                               
 1- year membership: $400                                                           
  2-year: $760                                                                                 
  3-year: $1140       
For-profit organizations:    
1 -year membership: $500      
2 -year: $950                                                           
3-year: $1425  

Renewal Guide: for previous AIEA members | Application Guide: for new AIEA members

*2021-2022 membership expires June 30, 2022*

*Florida members must join using non-public funds. Public funds may not be used in Florida to pay for membership.

Current AIEA members wishing to renew at the same membership level: Renew Now

The Institutional or Organizational Membership must be renewed before individual memberships can become active. (Renewal Guide)
*Unaffiliated Individuals are automatically eligible to renew their membership.


Dues:  $400

Open to the person designated by a college or university's Chief Executive Officer as its principal international education professional.

Organization – Non-Profit **
Dues: $400

Open to nonprofit organizations that support international education; membership is usually held by the senior-most person in the organization.

Organization – For-Profit** 
: $500

Open to for profit organizations that support international education; membership is usually held by the senior-most person in the organization.

Dues: $150

Open to staff members who are employed at colleges and universities that hold current institutional membership or to staff members who are employed at organizations that hold current organizational membership in AIEA. You can check the online list of active member institutions & organizations.

Unaffiliated Individual
Dues: $400

Open to individuals not affiliated with member institutions or organizations who want to hold membership in AIEA. This is also the category for consultants or others who are self-employed in the field of International Education. 

Retiree (Contact AIEA Secretariat for more details) 
Dues: $150  
AIEA approves a limited number of retiree memberships for long-standing members who have strong association ties. If you are a current and long-time member of AIEA who is retiring and no longer earning income in the field, please contact [email protected] for approval and registration process. 

To join AIEA as a new member, please create a member profile and submit an application. (If you were a previous AIEA member and now joining with a different institution or organization, please contact [email protected] before creating a new profile.)

Create a Member Profile and Submit an Application 

*Individual Membership requirements: One person at the institution or organization must hold an Institutional or Organizational membership, after which staff employed by that institution or organization may join with their own Individual memberships. Individual Memberships are not available for affiliates of an organization, members of a coalition with a membership, etc. - they are available for employees on payroll at an organization or institution only. Individual members must also have an organizational email address to be approved

*Members are responsible for covering in advance any additional fees associated with processing AIEA memberships such as bank/wire transfers charges, service fees, and fees associated with requested documentation an institution or organization may require for membership payment approval. 

*Organizational memberships allow for up to four individual memberships affiliated with the member organization. Organization-affiliated Individual members must use their individual organizational email addresses when joining AIEA.

*In the event that an applicant is eligible for an individual membership through multiple groups, the prospective member’s institutional affiliation (with a college or university) takes precedence in defining their membership's affiliation.

Special Membership Considerations During AIEA Conference Registration 

  • Please note that in order to be eligible for member Conference Registration pricing, your membership application must be both received and processed by the deadline for that price category. In addition, you must maintain current membership through to the conference.
  •  Please allow up to 10 business days for AIEA to process your membership application after your payment has been received.
  • Because of this, AIEA highly recommends paying via credit card during conference season to increase the chances of receiving registration discounts. 
  • Payments via check or wire transfer may delay membership processing considerably, as AIEA can take up to 10 business days from receipt of payment to process memberships.

Privacy Notice

AIEA collects the following types of information via online forms and through MemberClicks, MetroConnections, PayPal, or Survey Monkey: personal information, credit card numbers. This information is all collected for the purpose of facilitating AIEA’s services for members and is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests and/or the performance of a contract. Information may be shared with PayPal, MemberClicks, Survey Monkey, or MetroConnections to facilitate AIEA activities. AIEA permanently maintains records of all information collected. Question, comments, requests to correct or delete information may be directed to [email protected]