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September 2014

 September 2014

AIEA member ‘Dimeji Togunde of Spelman College quoted in HBCUs Looking Abroad in Effort to Remain Competitive in Diverse: Issues in Higher Education; member institution Dillard University also recognized in article for internationalization efforts. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff was the keynote speaker for the Florida Consortium for International Education's Annual Conference September 25-26. 

Congratulations to AIEA members Fanta Aw, Yenbo Wu, Joël Gallegos, Anita Gaines, Amanda Kelso, David Di Maria, and Douglas Palmer for leadership positions on the NAFSA 2014 national slate.

AIEA member Hans-Georg van Liempd quoted in The Pie News article "EAIE Conference looks at next steps in internationalization."

AIEA Past President John Hudzik was awarded the 2014 Award for Transatlantic Leadership at the EAIE Conference

AIEA members Barbara Kappler, Daniel Guhr, Darla Deardorff, Dominic Mentor, Donna Anger, Donna Scarboro, Gayle Woodruff, John Wood, Jon Rubin, Lee Sternberger, Linda Tobash, Marianne Jorgensen, Martha Johnson, Mary Catherine Scarborough, Megan Brenn-White, Mike Proctor, Nicholas Booker, Patti McGill Peterson, Rahul Choudaha, Rajika Bhandari, Sabine Klahr, Samantha Lu, Stephen Dunnett, Thomas Buntru Wenzler, and Vinitha Gengatharan presented at the EAIE 2014 Conference in Prague

AIEA members Richard Nader, Kiki Caruson, and Joanna Regulska featured in The Chronicle for Higher Education article "Universities Strive to Make Sure Researchers are Included in Global Efforts."

AIEA member Kevin Kinser has an article featured in the Chronicle of Higher Education: "Can Overseas Branch Campuses Reflect Local Values?"

AIEA member Rahul Choudaha quoted in "The rise of the global university" in University World News. 

AIEA Past President John Heyl and member Danny Damron publish "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (.pdf) in the Sept-Oct edition of the International Educator. 

AIEA members Gary Rhodes, James Holloway, Amy Conger, and Cheryl Matherly published in the Fall 2014 IIE Networker.

AIEA members Brett Berquist and Kevin Kinser published in Fall 2014 edition of International Higher Education

AIEA member Fanta Aw quoted in Inside Higher Ed article "Northern Exposure." 

Congratulations to AIEA Institutional Member Deakin University, recipient of the Premier's Award and Excellence in International Education Award from VIEA. The Victorian International Education Awards (VIEA) recognizes outstanding achievement and excellence in international education in Victoria.

August 2014

August 2014

AIEA Past President Susan B. Sutton and Elizabeth E. Lyons of the U.S. Department of State have posted a report to discuss international science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) engagement by U.S. higher education institutions (HEI) and the potential implications of such engagement for U.S. science diplomacy. This paper is available on the AIEA website: Unintentional Diplomats: International Science Engagement and Science Diplomacy by U.S. Higher Education Institutions (.pdf).

July 2014

July 2014

AIEA member and former AIEA President John D. Heyl authored the chapter "Globalization and the U.S. University: Reactions, Trends and a Teachable Moment" in Building Cultural Community through Global Educational Leadership, edited by Sandra Harris and Jason Mixon (Lamar University)  (NCPEA Publications).

AIEA Past Board Member Mitch Leventhal was an invited speaker at the Annual Conference of the National Association of College & University Attorneys and a plenary speaker at the annual convention of the British Universities International Liaison Association

AIEA Member Rahul Choudaha mentions article by AIEA President Harvey Charles and AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff in "HE internationalisation – What gets measured, gets funded" at University World News. 
AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff gave an invited talk at the retirement symposium of Hans de Wit in Amsterdam in June.  Also presenting were AIEA past presidents John Hudzik and Stephen Dunnett, along with AIEA members Mariam Assefa and Jeanine Hermans.
AIEA members Jason Lane and Kevin Kinser published blog post entitled "Can Overseas Branch Campuses Reflect Local Values?" on The Chronicle of Higher Education's WorldWise blog.
June 2014

June 2014

AIEA President Harvey Charles and AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff have published an article on the Chronicle of Higher Education's website. The article is entitled "A Failure to Capitalize on Globalization," and is written to university presidents. 

AIEA member Rajika Bhandari was quoted in Forbes article "These International Colleges Are Still Accepting Fall 2014 Students."

May 2014

May 2014

AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff authored an article titled Some Thoughts on Assessing Intercultural Competence for the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) blog.

Congratulations to AIEA member Gayle Woodruff, recipient of the Marita Houlihan Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field of International Education, and to AIEA Member Joy Stevenson, who received the  Homer Higbee Award for Distinguished Service to NAFSA. Both were recognized at the 2014 NAFSA Annual Conference this month. 

Over 50 AIEA members presented at the 2014 NAFSA Conference in San Diego, California this month!

April 2014

April 2014

The current edition of features an extended interview with AIEA member David Fleshler of Case Western Reserve University.  

AIEA member Minnie Battle Mayes quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education article At Black Colleges, Internationalization Raises Special Concerns. 

Congratulations to the following member institutions or organizations who are finalists for GoAbroad's 2014 Innovation Awards: the University of South Carolina, the University of Texas at Austin, Global Experiences, Florida State University, Butler University, Loyola University of Chicago, Binghamton University, and ISEP. 

Why do international educators do what we do? AIEA Executive Director Dr. Darla Deardorff addresses this in an invited blog post for the Canadian Bureau for International Education: Confronting the Bigger Picture. 

AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff, Past President John K. Hudzik, and members John Hearn, Kevin Kinser, Madeleine F. Green, Margaret Heisel, Patti McGill Peterson, Rajika Bhandari, Thomas Buntru, and William Brustein are scheduled to present at British Council's Going Global Conference, April 29-May 1 in Miami Beach. 

AIEA Past Presidents Gilbert Merkx, William Brustein, and Susan Sutton, and members Stephen E. Hanson, Hilary Kahn, Miriam Kazanjian, Jeffrey W. Legro, Paul McVeigh, Sara West Tully, and Brian Whalen presented at the Internationalization of U.S. Education in the 21st Century: The Future of International and Foreign Language Studies Conference April 11-13 at The College of William and Mary. Session materials from Gilbert Merkx and Susan Sutton and others are available at this link. 

AIEA Past President John Hudzik and members Hans-Georg van Liempd and Patti McGill Peterson spoke at the EAIE 25th Anniversary Event in Amsterdam last month. 

AIEA member Hans de Wit mentioned AIEA in his article "A call for international education evidence" in University World News. 

March 2014

The following AIEA members presented at the APAIE Conference in Seoul, Korea March 17-20: Stephen C. Dunnett, C. K. Kwai, Hans‐Georg van Liempd, Sonny Lim, Sabine Klahr, John Hearn, Iain Watt, William I Brustein, Joanna Regulska, Thomas Downing, David Wilson, Susan Elliott, Randall Martin, Thomas Buntru, Clay Hensley, Duleep Deosthale, Gary Rhodes, Brandon Lee, and Bailian Li. 

Congratulations to the following AIEA member institutions who received 2014 Senator Paul Simon Awards for Campus Internationalization: North Carolina State University, The Ohio State University, Rutgers University, George Mason University, and University of Texas at Austin. 

AIEA President-Elect Jen Cushman featured in WHIZ news announcing her new position at Ohio University Zanesville, including a video with a short interview. 

AIEA Members Jeffrey M. Peck, Stephen E. Hanson, John Hearn, Clare Banks, and 2014 AIEA Conference presenters Hans de Wit and Katja Kurz have been published in the Spring 2014 Issue of IIENetworker

AIEA Members Raul Choudaha, Mitch LeventhalJames Holloway, and Amy Conger, have been published in issue 312 of University World News.

AIEA Executive Director Darla Deardorff,  member Patti McGill Peterson, and AIEA conference speakers Philip Altbach and Sonja Knutson have been published in the spring issue of International Higher Education.

AIEA Member Christa Olson was featured on Iowa Public Radio's River to River program on Drake University's commitment to doubling the number of students who study abroad. 

The AIEA Annual Conference and presenters and AIEA members David Di Maria and CK Kwai featured in New York Times article Helping Foreign Students Thrive on U.S. Campuses

AIEA Member and 2014 Charles Klasek Award Winner Francisco Marmolejo was featured in an interview for The Pie News.  

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