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Feb 2006
Sunday, January 24, 2010
Feb 2006, Wash DC: An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education looks at changes in the responsibilities of Stephen Dunnett, vice provost for international education at University of Buffalo, whose job when he joined UB in 1989 was to make sure that international students were adjusting to life in the U.S. and doing well academically, but now also includes developing overseas degree programs for foreign students who cannot -- or will not -- come to the United States to study. The article looks at his work in the context of the growing number of colleges nationally that are opening degree programs overseas, both for academic and business reasons. "We didn't expect so much demand," Dunnett says. "But since 9/11, many foreign students can't get to the United States, and they want UB degrees."  The article may be read online at Stephen Dunnett served as AIEA's President from Feb 2005-Feb 2006.
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