February-March 2016

AIEA members Hans de Wit, Robin Matross Helms, Kevin Kinser, Jason Lane, and Laura Rumbley have published articles in the Spring 2016 issue of International Higher Education.

AIEA member institutions NC Central University and Dillard University featured in report from the University of Pennsylvania Increasing Diversity Abroad: Expanding Opportunities for Students at Minority Serving Institutions (.pdf). AIEA member Joti Sekhon of Winston State Salem University was also quoted in this report. 

AIEA Member Rahul Choudaha published "Higher Education Must Go Beyond Recruitment and Immigration Compliance of International Students" in Forbes Magazine. 

AIEA members Maria de los Angeles Crummett (Special Guest Editor)Robin Matross Helms, Marina Markot, Heike Michelsen, and Priscilla Slade all published articles in the 2016 Spring IIE Networker. 

Congratulations to AIEA past board member Nell Pynes on receiving The North Carolina Association of International Educators (NCAIE)  Martha Fitch Trigonis Individual Award, presented to an individual who has shown remarkable excellence in the field of international education. Those who have received the award in the past have made contributions at the state, regional, and even at the national level. Congratulations also to AIEA member institution University of North Carolina at Wilmington on receiving the NCAIE Institutional Award.

Congratulations on AIEA Board member Jun Liu for his 2016 James E. Alatis Award for Service to TESOL. 

Congratulations to AIEA members Hilary Landorf, David Fleshler, Joanna Regulska, Clare Banks, Timothy Barnes, and Kim Rapp, who are are presenting at the Best Practices Conference hosted by IIE, March 10-11.

The following AIEA members are presenting at the Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference: Maria Anastasiou, Rebecca Bollinger, Elizabeth Brewer, Erich Dietrich, John Dirkx, Steven Duke, Maritheresa Frain, Julie Anne Friend, Mark Gallovic, Nick Gozik, Loren Intolubbe-Chmil, Zachary Klim, Katharine Krebs, Kris Hemming Lou, Elaine Meyer-Lee, Gene Murphy, Mandy Reinig, Jon Stauff, and Lee Sternberger. 

The following AIEA Annual Conference coverage includes quotes and information from many members: 

Higher Education Must Go Beyond Recruitment and Immigration Compliance of International Students
Rahul Choadaha, Forbes Magazine 

A Big World Out There: Researchers Survey the Landscape of Internationalization in Higher Education
Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed

The Future of Global Ed.: Civic Engagement, Social Responsibility, says AIEA
Sara Custer, The PIE News 

The PIE News Photo Gallery 

The CAIE Present at the AIEA Annual Conference in 2016 

WIU Alum Wins International Education Award