April 2015

AIEA President-Elect Gil Latz, Past-President Susan Sutton, and member Barbara Hill published article: "An Internationalized Stewardship of Urban Places" in Metropolitan Universities Journal (Vol. 25, No. 3: 83-98, 2015).

AIEA President-Elect Gil Latz quoted in EducationDive article "Gauging the impact of international students in higher ed." 

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff and AIEA Member C.K. Kwai mentioned in  blog post from University World News concerning the 2014 Senior International Officer Survey: "The growing role of senior international officers" by Daniel Kratochvil and Grace Karram Stephenson.

AIEA Member Patti McGill Peterson's article "The Misuses of the University"  and AIEA Member Laura Rumbley's article "'Intelligent Internationalization:' A 21st Century Imperative" published in International Higher Education out of Boston College.

AIEA Member and Past President John Hudzik edited the new book Comprehensive Internationalization: Institutional pathways to success (Routledge, 2014),  which includes an institutional case story by AIEA member Elizabeth Brewer. 

AIEA Board Secretary Rodolfo Hernandez quoted in The Dallas Morning News article "Mexico and U.S. join in educating students 'to compete with the world.'"

AIEA Executive Director Darla K. Deardorff  appointed as an Expert on the PISA Global Competence Expert Group, and has been invited to represent AIEA at an International Education Symposium sponsored by International Baccalaureate in Geneva Switzerland.