March-April 2019

The April 2019 Stylus publication Integrating Worlds: How Off-Campus Study Can Transform Undergraduate Education is co-authored by AIEA member Malene Torp and features a foreword by member Jane Edwards.

AIEA members GianMario Besana, Ni Jadon, Jose Santiago, José Celso Freire Junior, Thomas Buntru, Kees Kouwenaar, and Michael Wilhelm presented at the FAUBAI 2019 Conference.

Work by AIEA members was featured in the April 21, 2019 issue of University World News . AIEA Member JY Zhou authored the article "How to engage faculty in curriculum internationalisation," while member (and 2019 Klasek Award recipient) Hans De Wit contributed to the featured editorial, "Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society."

AIEA President Cheryl Matherly led a plenary session at CONAHEC's 19th North American Higher Education Conference, where member Sean Manley-Casimir led an opening session; AIEA member Thomas Buntru also presented.

AIEA member Elaine Meyer-Lee delivered a plenary lecture entitled “The Value and Pedagogy of Global Learning for 21st Century Students" to mark the opening of the two-day conference "Global Education for All: Renewing Our Vision" at Goshen College.

Karin Fischer's Chronicle of Higher Education article "How International Education’s Golden Age Lost Its Sheen" features quotes from AIEA members Ahmad Ezzeddine, Hans de Wit, Joanna Regulska, Patti McGill Peterson, William Brustein, and Patricia Juza.  

Immediate Past President Penelope Pynes presented at APAIE 2019 Malaysia along with members Linda Angell, Shingo Ashizawa, Katherine Belov, Lee Sternberger, Darren Schemmer, Downing Thomas, Jason Cushen, Brent White, Judy Peter, Joanna Regulska, Regine Legault-Bouchard, Margaret de Lange, Douglas Proctor, Peter Mascher, Karen Schwartz, Amy Conger, Hsiu-Zu Ho, Katherine Beaumont, Edilio Mazzoleni, and Ivor Emmanuel.

Congratulations to all the AIEA member institutions awarded NAFSA's 2019 Senator Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization! Among the honorees of the 2019 Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization were Kirkwood Community College, Miami University, and West Virginia University. The 2019 Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award was given to SUNY Buffalo State (for the International Professional Development Schools Consortium), the University of Evansville (for UE Builds: Local and Global), and Virginia Tech (for the Rising Sophomore Abroad Program). 

An article entitled "Commercialization of Internationalization: Context, Trends, Limits, and Dangers" by AIEA Past President John Hudzik was included in the March 2019 NAFSA Senior Fellows publication Internationalization in a Time of Disruption.

AIEA Past President Sabine Klahr and AIEA member Hilary Landorf co-authored the article "Global Learning Inspires College-Level Mathematics" in the January/February 2019 edition of AAC&U News. 

AIEA member Rahul Choudaha was quoted in the article "US colleges fret over fall in Chinese students" on