2018 Annual Conference Call for Proposals:
Creating a Proposal 

Please note that the following steps are required to create a proposal in the new call for proposals system. Once you have created an account, please do note for technical assistance, the most efficient way to receive support is by clicking the "Support" button when you are logged in to the site. 

1. At the Call for Proposals Page, please select "Register."  The Call for Proposals platform is not connected to the AIEA webpage, so you will need to create a new account even if you are a member, or have submitted a proposal in the past. 

Note: If you have already created an account on the Catalyst platform for a different conference, you should be able to log-in. As this is AIEA's first year using the new system, most, if not all submitters likely do not have a log-in at this time and will need to create a new profile. 

2. After entering your email address and creating a password, you will be instructed to confirm your account. Please check your email for the confirmation link. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam folders, or search for "[email protected]" to find this email. Please click on the link in the confirmation email to confirm your account. 

3. You will be directed to log in, using the username and password that you have just created. Please enter this information into the page, and hit "sign in." 

4. You will now be at your Dashboard, where you can access session proposals as well as any messages regarding your proposal status. A proposal has automatically been started for you once you log in. To start this proposal, click on the link, which should be a series of numbers listed in the middle panel, under "AIEA 2018 Annual Conference Session Proposals." (Note that the numbers will change to the title of your submission once it has been created). 

5.  Please read all instructions carefully. You may go through the proposal steps by clicking "Next" on the top or bottom of each panel, or jump to other parts of the proposal process by clicking on the appropriate "tab" at the top of the page. For help at any time, please click on the "Support" button at the top of the page. 

6. On the "Presenter" tab, please note that you must first choose whether the session is a Standard/Panel Session or a Roundtable Discussion. At that point, you will be able to add presenters by clicking on the blue "Add Item" button.  Hit "save" after each presenter added.

 If you need to edit a presenter's information, you can go back and edit that by clicking on the corresponding right arrow button on the "Presenters" page. 

7. Please do not forget to hit "submit" when the proposal is completed. You will still be able to go back and edit the proposal before the August 15 deadline if necessary. 

8. Once a proposal is submitted, if you need to go back to edit a proposal, you can access submitted proposals from your Dashboard. Simply click on "View All" on the center pane of your Dashboard, and click "View" on the appropriate submission. 

After hitting "view all," click on "View" to edit a submitted proposal. 


At any time, please use the "support" button at the top left hand corner of the page when logged in.