Call for Reviewers 

The AIEA Publications and Resources Committee invites members of the international education community to serve as reviewers for its various publications. The committee provides to members and others timely and relevant publications, including series such as Presidential, Provosts’, SIO, and Students’ Perspectives; Occasional Papers; Issue Briefs; Research Agendas for the Internationalization of Higher Education; and The Handbook of International Higher Education. Most of the paper publications are available online. Below are descriptions of the pieces The AIEA publishes regularly. 

Issue Briefs inform AIEA members and the larger international education community about key issues in the internationalization of higher education and potential responses.

Occasional Papers are essays or reports that inform the AIEA membership and the larger international education community about subjects relevant to the internationalization of higher education.

Presidential Perspectives give voice to the different ways in which higher education presidents define internationalization, align it with institutional mission and student learning outcomes, and understand opportunities for internationalization and possible threats to it.

Provosts' Perspectives capture Chief Academic Officers' thinking and actions regarding the internationalization of higher education. The series seeks to learn from their successes as well as the constraints they and their institutions have faced in their internationalization endeavors.

SIO Pathways & Perspectives seek to capture the experiences and viewpoints of SIOs and to learn about the personal and professional journeys that have brought them to their current positions.

 tudents’ Perspectives capture the expectations, experiences, challenges, and perspectives of students—domestic, international, undergraduate, or graduate. Through this series, AIEA hopes students will help us close any gaps in perceptions around student intercultural experiences on campus.

Reviewers will help determine and shape the contents and quality of the publications by reviewing and providing feedback to authors based on the submission guidelines for the piece. The guidelines are available through this LINK.

Reviewers will be expected to review up to four write-ups per year, each within a 3-week turnaround time frame. Reviews will occur throughout the year as articles are submitted. If you would like to become a reviewer, please provide the following information: name, email address, affiliation, one-paragraph statement of interest, and a 2-page resume/CV. 

Note: We will give priority to current AIEA members. For more information about the AIEA Publications and Resources Committee, please email [email protected].