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AIEA Board: Officers


David Fleshler is the inaugural Vice Provost for International Affairs at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), where he provides university-level vision and leadership for international activities across campus. He is an advisor to the American Council on Education’s Internationalization Laboratory. Previous positions included Chief of Staff to a U.S. congressman, attorney at an international law firm, and Director of International Operations at a non-profit. He serves on the boards of Global Cleveland and the Cleveland Council on World Affairs.



Jewell Green Winn serves Tennessee State University as Senior International Officer, Exec Dir for Int'l Affairs, Chief Diversity Officer, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Administration. She serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE), Tennessee Diversity Consortium and Alignment Nashville. She is a graduate of Leadership Nashville, the Maxine Smith Fellows Program, the Middle Tennessee Leadership Development Program, the Millennium Leadership Institute, the American Council on Education's Spectrum Executive Leadership Program and the Senior International Officer's Institute.

Immediate Past President

Adel El Zaïm is Chief Internationalization Officer at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Previous positions include Executive Director of the International Office, at The University of British Columbia (UBC), Director General Internationalization at Université de Sherbrooke, and Senior Programme specialist in Middle East and North Africa at Canada’s International Development Research Centre. Member of the board of AIEA, member of the Editorial committee, he chairs the AIEA Awards Committee. He holds a PhD in Linguistics.
 Leigh Poole-headshot


Dr. Leigh Poole is the Senior International Officer at Winthrop University where she leads internationalization initiatives as the Director of the International Center. Previously she served on the AIEA Board, was a Presidential Fellow, and served on several AIEA committees.  Poole has held national leadership positions with NAFSA and studied higher education as a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, South Korea, and France.  Currently an Assistant Professor, she received her BA from Wofford College and holds a PhD from the University of Georgia.


Dr. Gilbert W. Merkx is Duke University's Director of International and Area Studies; Professor of the Practice of Sociology; Director of the Center for International Studies; and Director of the Duke Center for Islamic Studies. He is co-Chairman of the Council of Title VI National Resource Center Directors, a member of the Steering Committee of the Coalition for International Education, and serves on Scholars at Risk Network and Venice International University boards.
Terence Miller photo

Legal Adviser

Terence Miller, JD is an Affiliate of Gateway International Group. He has 24 years of SIO experience working at both public and private universities. Previous positions included criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y., human rights attorney in Chile and director of an international public policy office in Washington, D.C. He is a recipient of AIEA's Timothy J. Rutenber Award. He received his BA from Manhattan College and holds a JD from St. John’s University.
Darla Deardorff

Executive Director

Darla K. Deardorff is Executive Director of the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA). In addition, she is a research scholar at Duke University's Social Science Research Institute and holds faculty positions at universities in several countries, including as a research associate at Nelson Mandela University (S. Africa), Meiji University (Japan), Shanghai International Studies University (China) and adjunct faculty at North Carolina State University. She is on the faculty of Harvard University's Global Education Think Tank and has served as faculty for Harvard's Future of Learning Institute as well as the Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication in Portland, OR. With over 20 years of experience in international education, she has also held national leadership positions with NAFSA and with Forum on Education Abroad. Author/editor of 8 books and over 60 book chapters and articles, her publications include The Sage Handbook of Intercultural Competence (Sage, 2009), Sage Handbook of International Higher Education, (Sage, 2012), Building Cultural Competence (Stylus, 2012), Demystifying Outcome Assessment for International Educators (Stylus, 2015), Intercultural Competence in Higher Education: International Approaches, Assessment and Application (Routledge, 2017), and Leading Internationalization: A Handbook for International Education Leaders (Stylus, 2018). Her most recent publication is an open access book entitled Manual for Developing Intercultural Competencies: Story Circles (Routledge/UNESCO, 2020) available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian at She regularly gives invited talks, trainings and workshops around the world on intercultural competence, international education assessment, and global leadership and serves as a consultant and trainer on these topics, including with UNESCO and OECD. The intercultural competence models developed from her research are being used in numerous countries, and she is the recipient of several awards related to her work. Founder of ICC Global, her areas of specialty include cross-cultural training, assessment and evaluation, teacher/faculty preparation/development, curriculum internationalization, global leadership, and intercultural coaching. She received her master’s and doctorate degrees from North Carolina State University.

AIEA Board

Sherif Barsoum, New York University (2024)
Paulo Zagalo-Melo, Western Michigan University (2024)
Jane Gatewood, University of Rochester (2024)
Shannon Márquez, Columbia University (2024)
GianMario Besana, DePaul University (2023)
José Celso Friere Jr., São Paulo State University (2023)
Erich Dietrich, New York University (2022)
Meredith McQuaid, The University of Minnesota (2022)
Teresa Wise, University of Alabama (2022)


Much of the work of AIEA is accomplished through committees that focus on various aspects of AIEA's mission. Any member of the Association is welcome to participate in the work of these committees. Committee chairs maintain a roster of currently active members. AIEA's Executive Director serves as an ex-officio member of all committees and boards within AIEA except the Audit Committee. AIEA members are encouraged to contact the chairs to learn more about committee plans and activities and to indicate their interest in committee participation.

*Due to the recently passed bylaws, members of the board and standing committees are still being determined. 

Board Committees 

Executive Committee

Chair:  David Fleshler (Case Western Reserve University)
Members: Adel El Zaïm (University of Ottawa), David Fleshler (Case Western Reserve University), Jewell Winn (Tennessee State University), Secretary Leigh Poole (Winthrop University), Gil Merkx (Duke University), Darla Deardorff (ex-officio)

Governance Committee

Chair: David Fleshler (Case Western Reserve University)
Members: Jewell Winn (Tennessee State University)Adel El Zaïm (University of Ottawa), Shannon Márquez (Columbia University),Terence Miller (Gateway International Group), José Celso Friere Jr. (São Paulo State University), Darla K. Deardorff (Ex-officio, AIEA)

AIEA Audit Committee

Chair: GianMario Besana (DePaul University) 
Members: Tom Bogenschild (Gateway International Group), Amir Reza (Babson College)

Finance Committee 

Chair: David Fleshler (Case Western Reserve University)
Members: Gil Merkx (Duke University), Jewell Winn (Tennessee State University), Jane Gatewood (University of Rochester), Darla K. Deardorff (Ex-officio, AIEA)

Standing Committees 

Professional Development and Engagement Committee (Formerly Leadership Development & Strategic Issues Committees)

Co-Chair: Meredith McQuaid (University of Minnesota)
Co-Chair: Erich Dietrich (New York University)
Liaison to Public Policy Committee:  (to be determined)
Liaison to Publications Committee: (to be determined)
AIEA Thematic Forum: Wing-kai To (Bridgewater State University), Matthew Pucciarelli (St. John's University), Jennifer Evanuik (Central Michigan University), Randy Kluver (Oklahoma State University)
AIEA Presidential Fellows Program: Susan Popko (Santa Clara University), Stephen D. McDowell (Florida State University), Kalpen Trivedi (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Lisa M. Lancia (Fordham University NY)
Senior Advisers Program: Maria Anastasiou (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), Rick Lee (Cornell University), Jennifer Evanuik (Central Michigan University)
SIO Academy Program: Tim Lewis (University of St. Thomas), Kathleen Fairfax (Colorado State University), Annie Phillips Munson (Texas Woman's University) 
Town Halls SubCommitteeRichard Harvey (University of East Anglia), Rick Lee (Cornell University), Wing-kai To (Bridgewater State University), Matthew Pucciarelli (St. John's University)
Members: Shannon Marquez (Columbia University)

Member Outreach and Awards Committee (Formerly Membership Committee and Awards Committee) 

Chair: Paulo Zagalo-Melo (Western Michigan University)
Members: R. Anderson Sutton (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Jewell Winn (Tennessee State University), Katie Bowler Young (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Jane Gatewood (University of Rochester), Andrew Ness (Humber College), Neal McCrillis (University of Illinois at Chicago), Mariella Hernandez Salazar (Universidad del Pacfico), Judith Pennywell (University of Michigan)

Public Policy Committee (Formerly Policy Advisory)

Chair: Sherif Barsoum (New York University) 
Members: Petra Hejnova (Syracuse University), Ling Lebeau (Western Carolina University), Gilbert Merkx (Duke University), Sylvester Osagie (Penn State University), Peter Vanderwater (Institute for International Education), Imara Dawson (University of Michigan), Hannah Buxbaum (Indiana University), Wesley Milner (Evansville University), Mihela Metianu (Florida Atlantic University), Kathryn Vogel (Miami University of Ohio), Marja Unkuri-Chaudhry (University of Montana), Michael Pippenger (University of Notre Dame)

Publications and Resources Committee (Formerly Editorial)

Chair: Teresa Wise (University of Alabama)
Members: Nick Gozik (Elon University), MaryTheresa Seig (Ball State University), Cheryl Young (Miami University), Shafika Khayatt (The American University in Cairo), Andrea Custodi (CET Academic Programs), Kati Csoman (The Pennsylvania State University), Blair McElroy (University of Mississippi), Funwi Ayuninjam (Georgia Gwinnett College)

2021 Annual Conference Committee

Lead Planning Committee: Cheryl Matherly (Lehigh University) , Teresa Wise (University of Alabama), Meredith McQuaid (University of Minnesota), Darla K. Deardorff (AIEA), Natalia Dyba (University of Washington Bothell), Eny Di Iorio (Lorenzo de' Medici Institute).
Members: Jeffrey Belnap (Texas Tech University-Costa Rica), Marcellus Caldas (Kansas State University), Kati Csoman (Penn State University), Andrea Custodi (CET Academic Programs), Jennifer Evanuik (Central Michigan University), Esther Gottlieb (The Ohio State University), Ni Jadon (McMaster University), Yu Jiang (Xavier University of Louisiana), CK Kwai (Jacksonville University), Lisa Lancia (Fordham University), Mark Lazar (Open World Solutions), Jonathan Lee (Chicago State University), Peter May (Peter F May Consulting International), Jamie McGowan (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Vinita Mehra (Kegler Brown Hill + Ritter), Martha Merritt (University of Richmond), Judy Peter (University of Johannesburg), Susan Popko (University of Johannesburg), Piram Prakasam (Ferris State University), Matthew Pucciarelli (St. John's University), Joanna Regulska (University of California, Davis), Amanda Sayan (University of Sydney), H Stephen Straight (Binghamton University), Ngozi Taffe (University of Connecticut), JY Zhou (Stockton University)

AIEA SIO Academy Faculty

Members: Penelope Pynes (UNC Greensboro), Harvey Charles (SUNY Albany), David Di Maria (University of Maryland, Baltimore County),  Pia Wood (University of Tennessee - Knoxville)

AIEA Task Forces 

AIEA Future Leadership Task Force
Chair: Terence Miller (Gateway International Group)
Members: Marcellus Caldas (Kansas State University), Nick Gozik (Elon University), Katherine Hammett (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology), Tonija Navas (Howard University), Douglas Proctor (Swinburne University of Technology), Joanna Regulska (UC Davis),Christina Sanchez (California Lutheran University)

AIEA 40th Anniversary Task Force
Chairs: Dafina Diabate (Lincoln University of Pennsylvania), Gilbert Merkx (Duke University)
Members: Imara Dawson (University of Michigan), Sabine Klahr (The University of Utah), Judy Peter (University of Johannesburg), Yacob Astatke (Morgan State University), Blase Scarnati (Northern Arizona University), Kati Csoman (Penn State University), Jack Vanderwater (Retiree), Jeet Joshee (California State University, Long Beach)

AIEA Location Task Force
Chair: Jewell Winn (Tennessee State University) 
Members: Matthew Pucciarell (St. John's University, Christa Olson (The College of New Jersey), Reitumetse Mabokela (University of Illinois), Meredith McQuaid (University of Minnesota, Harvey Charles (State University of New York, Albany)

AIEA Futures Task Force

Chair: Jewell Winn (Tennessee State University) 
Members: Vinitha Gengatharan (York University), Carolyn J. Stefanco (Baret Leadership Consulting), Richard Nader(Long Island University),Luchen Li (Goucher College),Keisha Nichols (UC Davis), Mohamed Abdel-Kader (Aspen Institute),Piram Prakasam (Ferris State University), Christina Sanchez(California Lutheran University), Philipp Reichert (University of British Columbia-Okanagan), Erin Hillis (Rhodes College),
Jill Blondin (Virginia Commonwealth University)

AIEA IDEA+Justice Task Force
Chairs: Shannon Marquez (Columbia University),  Jose Celso Freire Junior (Sao Paulo State University) 
Members: Imara Dawson (University of Michigan), Athena Mision Fulay (The Institute of International Education), Marisa Atencio (Oglethorpe University), Garett Heysel (Emory College of Arts and Sciences), Jon Stauff (South Dakota State University), Yimin Wang (Weber State University)

 AIEA Presidential Leadership and Past Presidents

AIEA Past Presidents (left to right)

Harvey Charles, Susan Sutton, William Brustein, Adel El Zaïm, Cheryl Matherly, Nell Pynes, Hilary Kahn, Donna Scarboro, Bill Lacy, JoAnn McCarthy, Earl Kellogg.


Adel El Zaïm, University of Ottawa 2020  

Cheryl Matherly, Lehigh University 


Penelope Pynes, University of North Carolina at Greensboro


Hilary Kahn, Indiana University 


Gil Latz, Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis


Jenifer Cushman, Penn State Beaver


Harvey Charles, Northern Arizona University


Sabine C. Klahr, University of Utah


Donna Scarboro, The George Washington University


Susan Buck Sutton, Bryn Mawr College


Bill Lacy, University of California - Davis


Pia Wood, University of Tennessee - Knoxville


Gilbert Merkx, Duke University


William Brustein, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign


Uliana Gabara, University of Richmond


Stephen C. Dunnett, SUNY Buffalo


Earl Kellogg, University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign


Maria Krane, Creighton University


John K. Hudzik, Michigan State University


JoAnn McCarthy, University of South Florida


John D. Heyl, Old Dominion University


Joyce M. Randolph, University of Pennsylvania


John H. Petersen, Western Kentucky University


Margaret A. Kidd, University of Texas at Austin


Edward H. Moseley*, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa


Jean S. Aigner, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Barbara B. Burn*, University of Massachusetts - Amherst


Davydd Greenwood, Cornell University


Thomas H. Hoemeke, University of North Texas


Gerald M. Slavin*, The University of New Mexico


Burkart Holzner*, University of Pittsburgh


Felix V. Gagliano, Ohio University


George C. Christensen, Iowa State University


Ralph H. Smuckler*, Michigan State University


Charles Klasek*, Southern Illinois - Carbondale


Jack Van de Water, Oregon State University


Joe W. Neal*, University of Texas at Austin

1982, '83, '84

* deceased

AIEA Counselors

Counselor status was previously awarded by AIEA to long-standing members of AIEA who have made significant contributions to the organization throughout the years. The AIEA Board voted to bestow counselor-status on deserving members. Learn more...