AIEA Job Board

The AIEA Job Board is a member benefit that lists position announcements that current AIEA members have posted to the member listserv. If you are interested in posting a job to this board, please note that AIEA Job Board policy states:
  • The position must be at the senior leadership level in international education
  • An AIEA member must post the job to the listserv before positions are added to this page 
If the job is at an institution that has active membership in AIEA, you may ask that member to post the announcement to the listserv: 
  • Please see our  Member Institution and Organization list to determine if someone at your institution is an AIEA member. 
  • Once you have confirmed that the institution is a current member, please email [email protected] to inquire who holds that membership and has posting access-- you may ask them to post leadership positions to the listserv.