AIEA Goes Global

In embracing the more global focus of its new Strategic Plan, AIEA is engaged more globally than ever before. Over the last year, AIEA's leadership has actively participated in conferences in China, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, among other countries. AIEA President Cheryl Matherly also delivered a keynote address at CONAHEC's 19th North American Higher Education Conference. In Spring 2020, AIEA leaders will be participating in the Global Dialogue in Argentina in and the FAUBAI conference in Brazil. Additionally, AIEA has been contributing to the OECD Education 2030 project. 

Committee members from numerous countries around the world are a major asset to AIEA, and the association is pleased to have two South American colleagues on the Leadership Ballot. In addition to the Spring 2018 Thematic Forum held in Ireland, AIEA is excited to be holding a Thematic Forum in Brazil in the coming year. Meanwhile, the most recent Leadership Academy welcomed participants from four countries in May 2019 (the most internationally diverse cohort yet), and participants from numerous countries joined the EAIE-AIEA Transatlantic Dialogue in September 2019 in Helsinki. 

And of course, it is always wonderful to welcome colleagues from 50+ countries at AIEA's Annual Conference, including delegations at the upcoming 2020 Conference from such countries as Cambodia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. There is so much we have to learn from each other from all parts of the world in regard to advancing internationalization in order to make meaningful contributions to society. AIEA looks forward to continuing its global path forward.