2022 AIEA Annual Conference Session Materials

Many thanks to session presenters for making these materials available. Note all links below will open as .pdf files unless otherwise indicated.

Advancing Partnership and Policy: the U.S.-Japan Higher Education Engagement Study (USJP HEES)
Veronica Onorevole, Heather Ward, Caroline Benton
Presentation | Video Link- Caroline F. Benton Pre-recorded Presentation

Beyond the Surface: Embedding a Social Justice & Equity Lens within International Education Practice
Chrystal George Mwangi, Christina Yao, Kalpen Trivedi, LaNitra Berger

Building Equity and Inclusion into Learning Opportunities for Underrepresented Students
Susan Allan, Orlina Boteva, Giancarlo Taylor, Judy Peter

Engaging with Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in Higher Education in Europe
Arnim Heinemann, Cecilia Christersson, Alex Hughes  

From Conception to Implementation: A Journey Through International Partnership Assessments
Janaka Ruwanpura, Andrea Delgado Morrow, Garrett Margliotti, Laura Daversa

Future of International Recruitment and Admissions: Navigating Complexity
Mirka Martel, James Zika, Vern Granger, John Wilkerson

Global Learning as a Social Capital-Building Endeavour
Matthew Pucciarelli, Jennifer Engel, Mark Daly

Global Responses to the Pandemic and the Influence on Intled’s Future
Nannette Ripmeester, Arnim Heinemann, Katie Orr  

Insight into Japanese HEIs; Notions of Decision-Makings to Facilitate Post-Pandemic Mobility
Sachihiko Kondo, Akito Okada, Yu Sengoku

Keeping our Promise: Employment-Based Experiential Learning Opportunities for International Students
Jeff Cohen, Svetlana Filiatreau, Donna Anderson, Susan Allan

Knowledge Diplomacy at Work: Department of State and Education programming for the post-pandemic era
Diane Weisz Young, Pamela Maimer, Robin Lathrop 

Launching Partnerships in Central Asia in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Ksenia Ivanenko, Khanjan Mehta, Douglas Hartman

Lead the Way: Internationalize your Campus by Internationalizing YOU
Suzanne LaVenture, Amy Forss, Leigh Lassiter-Counts, Heather Bandeen

Making a Difference: Complementary Education Pathways for Refugee Students
Wesley Milner, Rosie Hughes, Jill Welch, Nele Feldman  

Micro and Digital Credentials in the Global Landscape: Thinking Beyond Borders
Sandra Janusch, Breeda McGrath, Andrea Custodi  

Models for Structuring an International Office to  Foster Diversity, Inclusion, and Retention
Sarah Malcolm, Ediz Kaykayoglu, Kerry Stamp
Presentation | Handout

Next Generation International Education: Strategies for Enhancing Online Learning and Engagement
Anthony Ogden, Amanda Maurer, Joshua McKeown, Noah Rost

Resources from the State Department: Building Back Study Abroad through Strategic Partnerships
Heidi Manley, Ben Levy, Adam Willcox

Strategic Budgeting for Internationalization
Jill Blondin, Paulo Zagalo-Melo

Taking Virtual to the Next Level: Bridging Gaps in Germany-U.S. Collaboration and Curriculum
Benedikt Brisch, Benedikt Brisch, Patrizia Nobbe, Annette Richie, Ann-Kristin Matthé

The Role of SIOs in Navigating the Uncertain Waters of Student Visa and Immigration Regulations
Mihaela Metianu, Sherif Barsoum, Jill Blondin

Using Data to Demonstrate Why Internationalization Matters
Molly Watkins, Sue Macchiarella, Sylvia Jons, David Fleshler, Mirka Martel

Virtual Exchange/COIL Practices and Policy: Digital Internationalization Between the USA and Norway
Veronica Onorevole, Charles Reilly, Synne Lysberg
Presentation | Handout | Video Link-Student Testimonial Video | Video Link- Synne Lysberg Pre-recorded presentation