2021 Conference Interns 

Photographs of four interns with their names - Kelsey Prima, Amy Chen, Drew Villerme-Lightfoot, Emmanuel Wanjala

Kelsey Prima, Lead Intern 
Kelsey Prima is currently the University Relations Manager for Central Europe and the United Kingdom at ISEP Study Abroad. She works closely with ISEP members to promote mobility, develop programs, and manage exchanges. In addition to her role at ISEP, Kelseyserves as Chair of the Board of Directors for yPIE DC, a peer-led organization that focuses on providing networking and professional development events and opportunities to young international education professionals in the DC metro area. Kelsey studied abroad in Austria and Costa Rica, and later taught in Austria through the Fulbright U.S. Teaching Assistants program. Prior to ISEP, Kelsey worked for the Middlebury School in Mainz, Germany while completing her MA in International Education Management from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.

Amy Chen, Conference Intern 
Amy Chen is a recent graduate from Juniata College. Her interest in international education sprouted from her cross-cultural experiences as a fourth-culture American with Japanese and Chinese heritages and blossomed through her interactions with international education programs on campus and abroad. She previously worked in offices such as enrollment, first-year services, and study abroad, and she thanks these experiences for opening her eyes to the importance of spreading intercultural awareness and cultural humility. She plans to work in Japan for a couple years before committing to a master’s program in the United States. She is interested in working with international students to ensure that they have safe and successful study abroad experiences.

Drew Villierme-Lightfoot, Conference Intern 
Drew Villierme-Lightfoot is an Ed.D. candidate in Educational Leadership at Arcadia University and works as a Program Manager at The College of Global Studies at Arcadia, assisting students in preparing themselves for overseas study. Drew has worked with in-bound language learners as an ESL instructor and with outbound US undergraduates as an education abroad administrator. He has served as a faculty leader on a short-term study abroad program in Japan. He has professional interest in the intersection of identity and international education and is active in working groups and committees to better support diverse students on global learning experiences. His future research examines the perspectives of students experiencing institutional pressure to study abroad.

Emmanuel Wanjala, Conference Intern
Emmanuel Wanjala is a second-year M.A  student in the International Education Policy program and a Graduate Administrative Assistant in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Maryland, College Park. He serves as a graduate student senator representing the College of Education and a member of the Senate Executive Committee on the University of Maryland Senate. Emmanuel has worked as a high school teacher of English and Literature in Kenya and as a Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant for Swahili at the University of Pittsburgh. As an international student from Kenya, his research and professional interests center on the interplay between access to quality higher education and international development, graduate youth employability, and the role of state and non-state actors in furthering quality higher education policies and practices in Sub-Saharan Africa universities. He is also interested in advocating for social justice issues while researching how higher education institutions can play facilitating as opposed to limiting roles, especially when dealing with students from marginalized backgrounds.