SIO/Faculty Partnership: Internationalizing the Campus through Faculty

Stockton University 

Atlantic City, New Jersey 
March 21-22, 2019
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Comprehensive internationalization has become a core mission of higher education institutions. This requires SIOs to take new roles to unite campus efforts to achieve institutional priorities of internationalization. Being an important impact factor across all six target areas of internationalization, faculty plays a critical role in succeeding and sustaining the dynamic system of internationalization. However, the important resource of faculty is usually underutilized on many campuses. Many SIOs struggle to deeply engaging faculty in their international or global learning efforts to comprehensively internationalize their campuses. They frequently engage faculty course by course and single faculty by faculty member. However, this approach can only have limited reach and impact and it is not sustainable over time. How to advocate the importance of internationalization to engage faculty as partners and to bring together the efforts from SIOs as well as faculty to achieve the institutional priorities is much needed for SIOs in their daily practices.
Key Questions Addressed in the Forum:
  • How can SIOs bring faculty together in innovative and meaningful ways to further institutional priorities for internationalization?
  • How can SIOs create opportunities to engage faculty to unite the values and passions that many faculty hold, channel through deep disciplinary practice, and see themselves as partners?
  • How can SIOs recruit, organize, and support faculty at multiple levels (i.e., individual course, program, and institutional) and in multiple internationalization target areas (i.e., study abroad programs, international student success, and curriculum internationalization)?
Objectives of the Forum:
Participants will be able to:
  • Identify challenges and opportunities in engaging faculty in internationalization efforts
  • Share best practices in “faculty as partners” to promote international student success, study abroad programs, and curriculum internationalization
  • Develop innovative and sustainable approaches about SIO and faculty partnerships
  • Increase the advocacy role of SIOs in uniting efforts to achieve institutional priorities of internationalization