2018 AIEA Annual Conference Session Materials

Many thanks to session presenters for making these materials available. Note all links below will open as .pdf files unless otherwise indicated.

Assessing Your International Partnerships: Three Approaches to Ensure Success
Janaka Ruwanpura, Lorna Jean Edmonds, Victoria Jones

Becoming an Agent of Change vs. a Lonesome Pioneer: Keys to Taking a Brilliant Idea to an Institution-wide Strategy
Ramon Ellenbroek, Shaheen Nanji, Sabine Sainte-Rose

Best Practices in ESL Program Oversight
Mark S. Algren, Suzanne Panferov

Beyond the Handshake: Key Issues in Management of International Agreements and Contracts
David L. Di Maria, Mike Finnell, Jane Gatewood

Branch Campuses as Drivers of Study Abroad: Lessons Learned
Jennifer Engel, Matthew Pucciarelli, Robert Summers

Career Outcomes for International Students: What Does the Data Tell Us?
Jessica Brandt, Ryan Buck

Catholic Universities: Ethical Leadership, Identity, and Internationalization in Turbulent Times
Hans de Wit, Matthew Pucciarelli

Choosing Wisely: Strategies to Defend International Cooperation in Turbulent Times
Margreet de Lange, Amanda Sayan, David Weller

Conveying Internationalization’s Story: The How’s and Why’s of Book Publishing as SIOs
Elizabeth Brewer, Hilary Kahn, Laura Rumbley

Data Wise Strategies for SIOs: Driving International Enrollment Impact in Turbulent Times
Rahul Choudaha, Ian Thomson, Brandon Boulter

Delving into the Leading Strategic Issues of our Day
Susan Bender, Amy Rell
Discussion Summary

Determining Outcomes of International Research Partnerships
Leonardo Villalón, Sandra Russo, Nicola Kernaghan, Chad Hoseth

Digital Journeys: A New Perspective on Communicating with Students
Shanton Chang | Barbara Kappler-Mikk

Diversity Matters: A Frank Discussion on Navigating Leadership as Women of Color in International Education
Angela Miller, Alice Yang, Mary Machira
Presentation | Handout 1 | Handout 2

Emerging Challenges for the Profession
JoAnn McCarthy, Gilbert Merkx, Riall Nolan

Engaging in Erasmus+: Opportunities for Fostering the Standards of Professional Practice for SIOs
Raimonda Markeviciene, Elena Vinci Hytter

Enhancing International Research and Cross Border Collaboration in Innovative and Unexpected Ways
Kiki Caruson, Mary Anne Walker, Rick Garfunkel

Evolving Motivations for Studying Abroad: Examining Generational Change through Research
Andrea Kammerer, Daniel Obst, Jonathan Lembright

Faculty Development and Engagement: A Catalyst for Campus and Curriculum Internationalization
Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou, Ling Gao LeBeau, Karen Gardenier

From New Zealand with Love: Using Storytelling to Promote Positive International Student Experiences
Amy Rutherford, Hayley Shields, Helen Nicholson
Presentation | Handout 1 | Handout 2

Governance for Campus Internationalization: A Closer Examination of Advisory Councils
Gonzalo R. Bruce, GianMario Besana, Esther Gottlieb, Downing A. Thomas

How can Internationalization help “Future-proof” your Students for Employability in Turbulent Times
Katie Orr, Brett Berquist, Nannette Ripmeester

How SIEM Data Can Inform Your Recruitment Efforts in Turbulent Times
Lawrence Bell, Susan Kassab
Handout 1 | Handout 2

Incentive-Based Compensation & International Student Recruitment: New Models and Best Practices
Eddie West, Lindsay Addington, Lee Lambert

Information Session: Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan
Presentation | Handout

Interculturalizing the Campus: Envisioning Leadership for Effective Engagement with Difference
Janet Bennett, Gifty Ako-Adounvo,Barbara Kappler
Presentation | Handout

Internationalization at Home: Goals, Outcomes and Strategies
Miki Sugimura, Sachihiko Kondo, Bruce Stronach

Leveraging Overseas Campus/Center for Main Campus Internationalization
Hong Yang, William Brustein, Meredith McQuaid

Linking Institutional Mission with Internationalization Goals at Regional Comprehensive Universities
Jermain Griffin, Craig T. Cobane, Mark Schaub, Brian Stiegler

Making the Case: Fundraising for International Education in the Populist Era
Sydney Van Morgan, William Brustein, Heike Michelsen

Mapping Internationalization on US Campuses: The 2016 Results
Robin Matross Helms, Darla Deardorff, Gil Latz

New Politics, Paradigms, Possibilities: U.S. and European Internationalization in Turbulent Times
Laura E. Rumbley, Hans de Wit, Douglas Proctor, Leasa Weimer

No Second Chances: Strategies for SIOs in Media Relations
Meredith McQuaid, Jeet Joshee, Chuck Tombarge

Planning our Future: Mentoring the Next SIOs
Meredith McQuaid, Susan Popko, Joe Potts

Preparing Students for the Diverse Workplace
Darla Deardorff, Elaine Meyer-Lee, Nannette Ripmeester

Strategizing to Internationalize the Curriculum When Challenges Abound
Susan Jagendorf-Sobierajski, Joan Landeros
Handout | Discussion Summary 

The Confluence of Legal Issues, Public Policy and Messaging For SIO’s in Light of Executive Orders
Imara V. Dawson, Terence Miller, Thomas Bogenschild, John Sunnygard

The Juggler: SIO Strategies for Time Management and Work-Life Balance
William Brustein, Robin Matros Helms
Discussion Questions | Handout

The Normal Stuff: Creating Toolkits for Internationalization
Kim McGrath, Carrie Wojenski
Presentation | Handout

The Role of Senior International Leaders in Global Grand Challenges
Joanna Regulska, Britta Baron, Kelechi Kalu

The Roles of Public University Systems in Advocacy for Internationalization
Steven Duke, Sal Carranza

Tools for Increasing your University’s Global Research IQ
Richard Nader, Joanna Regulska, Kiki Caruson

Using International Networks for Domestic Strategies: Research Impact for Society 
Staffan Eden, Arjan Schalken, Max Petzold 

Washington Update
Thomas Bogenschild, Miriam A. Kazanjian, Ilir Zherka