2017 Session Materials 

A National Framework for Developing Cultural and Global Competencies 
Heather Ward, American Council on Education; Mohamed Abdel-Kader, Independent Consultant; Darla K. Deardorff, AIEA 
Handout (.pdf) 

AIEA Strategic Issues Committee Shares a Framework of Strategic Issues 
Susan Bender, University of Idaho; Lorna Jean Edmonds, Ohio University
Strategic Issues: Summary, Analysis, and Priorities Facing International Education Leaders Today (.pdf) 

Back to the Future: Graduate Education, Expertise and Outcomes
Nancy Ruther, Yale University; Gil Latz, Indiana University - Purdue University, Indiana
Agenda | Handout 1 | Handout 2 (.pdfs)

Bridging Divides in the Intercultural Classroom 
Mark W. Harris, ELS Education Services, Inc.; Robin Matross Helms, American Council on Education; Darla K. Deardorff, Association of International Education Administrators 
Handout 1 (.pdf) | Handout 2 (.pdf) | Handout 3 (.pdf) 

Building and Retaining a More Diverse Community of International Students
C.K. Kwai, Jacksonville University; Clay Hensley, College Board
Presentation (.pdf)

Connecting Myanmar to the World
Shawn Patton, Institute of International Education; Joanna Regulska, University of California, Davis; Adam Julian, Appalachian State University
Presentation (.pdf)

Dealing with the Elephant in the Room: U.S. Nationalism
Mark A. Ashwill, Capstone Vietnam; Ryan Buck, Texas State University; Lee D. Lambert, Pima Community College
Presentation (.pdf)

Engaging the Governing Board to Advance Student Success through Internationalization
Anthony Pinder, Emerson College; Tiki Ayiku, NASPA; Dafina Blacksher Diabate, AIEA
Summary (.pdf)

Ethical Global Partnerships: Sparking Campus-Wide Commitment 
Eric Hartman, Haverford College; Amy McNichols, McDaniel College; Patrick Eccles, Northwestern University 
Presentation (webpage) 

Expanding Scholarship Opportunities for Refugees and at-Risk Migrants 
Colleen Thouez, UNITAR; Kathleen Newland, Migration Policy Institute; Thomas Bogenschild, University of Oregon 
Summary (webpage) | Resource- UN Report (.pdf) | Resource - UN Report (website) 

Europe-U.S. Partnerships: Strategies and Mechanisms to Access Funding Sources and Increase Mobility
Christopher Medalis, International Education Consultant; Nina Lemmens, DAAD; Erica Lutes, Fulbright Belgium, Luxembourg, and Schuman
Presentation (.pdf) | Handout (.pdf) 

Focus on the SIO as Scholar: How and Where to Publish your Research
Amir Reza, Babson College; Robin Matross Helms, American Council on Education; Douglas Proctor, University College Dublin
Presentation (.pdf)

Getting Future Ready: Aligning Institutional Strategies with Emerging Trends
Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation; Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Cheryl Matherly, Lehigh University
Presentation (.pdf)

Harnessing Language Schools as University Pathways
Deborah Curtis, Niagara University; David Silva, Salem State University; Benjamin Waxman, Intead
Presentation (.pdf)

How Much do You Really Know? Developing Data-Driven Strategies for International Engagement
Jane Gatewood, University of Rochester; Kiki Caruson, University of South Florida; Mary Anne Walker, Michigan State University
Presentation (.pdf)

How to Negotiate Effective, Sustainable, and Pervasive Global Agreements
Ian Wright, World Education Services, Inc. (WES); Raymond Lutzky, NYU Tandon School of Engineering; Hiroshi Ota, Hitotsubashi University
Presentation (.pdf)

Institutionalizing Intercultural Competence: Strategies for Broad Integration of New Learning Outcomes
Joe Potts, University of Kansas; Esther Gottlieb, Ohio State University; Barbara Kappler, University of Minnesota; David Ayers, Purdue University
Presentation (.pdf)

Intercultural Strategies for Enhancing Campus Inclusion and Student Success
Di Hu, interEDGE; Amir Reza, Babson College; Amy McNichols, McDaniel College; Torian Lee, Xavier University of Louisiana
Presentation (webpage) | Resources (webpage)

International Alumni: Why Is It So Hard to Develop an Effective Policy? 
Laura Fernandez, The Ohio State University; Esther Gottlieb, The Ohio State University; Roger Brindley, University of South Florida; Eugene Murphy, Rutgers University
Presentations (.pdf) 

International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: Bridging Research and Practice
Amir Reza, Babson College; Anthony Ogden, Michigan State University; Bernhard Streitwieser, George Washington University
Presentation (.pdf)

International Strategic Partnerships: Exploring Emerging Practices to Transcend Boundaries
Clare Banks, Institute of International Education; Terence W. Miller, Marquette University; Rodolfo Hernandez, The University of Texas at Dallas
Presentation (webpage) 

Internationalization and Quality Assurance in Liberal Arts Education: The Perspective of East Asian Institutions
Miki Sugimura, Sophia University; Kazuo Kuroda, Waseda University; Mikiko Nishimura, International Christian University
Presentation (.pdf)

Institutionalizing Intercultural Competence: Strategies for Broad Integration of New Learning Outcomes
Joe Potts, University of Kansas; Gifty Ako-Adounvo, Ohio State University; David Ayers, Purdue University; Barbara Kappler, University of Minnesota
Presentation (.pdf) 

Internationalizing the Faculty: How to Better Prepare Professors for Today’s International Classroom
Karin Fischer, The Chronicle of Higher Education; Jun Liu, Stony Brook University; Charles A. Calahan, Purdue University
Presentation (.pdf) | Handout (.pdf)

Linking Silos: International Educators as Transdisciplinary Bridge Builders
Gisela Beaudin, Rollins College; Eric Hartman, Haverford College; Joseph Stanley, Simmons College
Presentation (webpage) 

My Way or the Highway: Navigating the Complexities of International Agreements
Kristi Hubbard, Northwestern University; Liz Greenfield, Georgetown University; Elizabeth Decherd, Georgetown University; Tania Lima, King’s College London
Presentation (.pdf)

Navigating Silos, Strategic Plans, and Systems
Stephen T. Duke, University of Nebraska; Kristi Hubbard, Northwestern University; Penelope Pynes, University of North Carolina Greensboro
Presentation (.pdf)

Navigating the Boundaries between Different National Approaches to Internationalization
Douglas Proctor, University College Dublin; Markus Laitinen, University of Helsinki & EAIE; Christopher Johnstone, University of Minnesota
Presentation (.pdf)

Organizational Change and the Making of an Internationally Friendly University
Sherif Barsoum, New York University; Gonzalo Bruce, Boise State University; Eveke de Louw, The Hague University of Applied Sciences; Julie Sinclair, Michigan State University 
Presentation (.pdf)

Partnerships as Tools for Development and Internationalization: Lessons from Universities in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
Kadisha Dairova, Nazarbayev University
Presentation (.pdf) | Summary (.pdf)

Post-Election Roundtable
Susan Buck Sutton, Bryn Mawr College; Penelope Pynes, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Handout (.pdf)

Preparing Interculturally Competent Students in High School: What SIOs Need to Know
Clay Hensley, College Board; Paul Sanders, International Baccalaureate Organization; Sherif Barsoum, New York University; Darla K. Deardorff, AIEA
Presentation (.pdf) | Handout 1 (.pdf) | Handout 2 (.pdf) 

Recruitment and Retention: Success through Collaboration
Susan Kassab, ELS Educational Services, Inc.; Lawrence Bell, University of Colorado Boulder; Sandy Tennies, Great Circle Global Education Consulting, LLC
Handouts (website)

Responding to World Crises through Higher Education: The Case of Syria and Beyond
Nina Lemmens, DAAD New York; Katja Simons, German University Alliance; and Brenda Tooley, Knox College
Presentation (.pdf) 

Scholar-Practitioners and the Power of Data and Research to Change a Story and Improve Campus Internationalization
Barbara Kappler, University of Minnesota; Christopher Johnstone, University of Minnesota; Mina Mizumatsu, Tohoku University
Presentation (.pdf)

Seeking Best Practices in U.S.-Japan Institutional Partnerships for Student Mobility (Information Session)
Shingo Ashizawa, Toyo University; Miki Sugimura, Sophia University; Michael Mooney, Waseda University
Presentation (.pdf) | Handout (.pdf)

SIO as Change Agent: The New Wave of Students from China - Rising Expectations and Challenges
Peggy Blumenthal, Institute of International Education; Wesley Young, University of California, Davis; Sonny Lim, Rice University
Presentation (.pdf)

Small Colleges, Big Innovations: SIOs as Nimble Bridge Builders
Elaine Meyer-Lee, Agnes Scott College; Laura M. Montgomery, Wheaton College; Mana Derakhshani, Saint Mary’s College
Presentation (.pdf)

Strategically Identifying, Developing, and Explaining Benefits of International Science Collaboration
Elizabeth Lyons, National Science Foundation, OISE; Mary Anne Walker, Michigan State University; Kevin Kinser, Penn State University
Presentation (.pdf)

The Dynamic Diversity of the Asia-Pacific: The Evidence Base for the Impact of Research Universities on Global Issues
Christopher Tremewan, Association of Pacific Rim Universities; Cindy Fan, The University of California, Los Angeles; Dennis Galvan, University of Oregon
Resource (webpage) 

The International Dimension of Erasmus+: Strategic Opportunities for SIOs
Elena Vinci Hytter, Linnaeus University; Camilla Andersson Lundqvist, Linnaeus University; Raimonda Markeviciene, Vilnius University
Handout (.pdf)

The International Faculty Seminar: Three Institutions, Three Variations on a Model
Craig T. Cobane, Western Kentucky University; Robert McKinna Brown, Virginia Commonwealth University; Addie Cheney, Western Kentucky University; Martha L. Merritt, University of Richmond
Resource (.pdf)

Transcending Boundaries through International Research Partnerships
Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo, Pace University; Darbi L. Roberts, Columbia University
Presentation (.pdf)

Using a Cross-­‐Cultural Toolkit to Internationalize Your Curriculum
Susan Jagendorf-Sobierajski, SUNY Cobleskill; B. Runi Mukherji, College at Old Westbury; Rebecca Smolar, National Association of Consumer Advocates
Presentation (.pdf) | Handout (.pdf)

Washington Update: Key Issues in International Education and How to Influence the Discussion
Miriam Kazanjian, Coalition for International Education; Thomas Bogenschild, University of Oregon
Presentation (.pdf)