2016 Conference Session Materials 

A Research-Based Definition of Global Learning: “What?” “So What” and “Now What”
Hilary Landorf, Florida International University; Hilary Kahn, Indiana University; Dawn Whitehead, Association of American Colleges & Universities
Presentation (.pdf)  

Academic Pathways to Global Citizenship
Stephanie Doscher, Florida International University; Jennifer Robertson, Valencia College; Ramona Kirsch, St. Petersburg College
Presentation (.pdf) 

Addressing Challenges of the Intercultural Classroom:  International Student Perspectives
Terence Miller, Marquette University; Mark Harris, ELS; Darla K. Deardorff, AIEA; Robin Matross Helms, American Council on Education 
Presentation (.pdf) Handout (.pdf) 

Bridging Research and Global Policy Needs: Better Connecting the Academy and the UN System 
Colleen Thouez, UNITAR; Robert Bullock, Rockefeller Institute
Handouts (.pdf) 

De-Colonizing International Education: Practices, Challenges, and Emerging Models 
Sonja Knutson, Memorial University; Julie Vaudrin-Charette, Cegep de L'Outaouais; Yvonne Rudman, Montana State University 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Developing Global Leaders? Short-Term Study Abroad, Student Learning, and Global Citizenship
Bethany Galipeau-Konate, Shenandoah University; Karen Gardenier, Colorado State University; Susan Sutton, Bryn Mawr College
Presentation (.pdf) 

Diversity, Access & Inclusion: Moving the Dial on Education Abroad
Karin Fischer, Chronicle of Higher Education; Andrew Gordon, Diversity Abroad; Anthony C. Ogden, University of Kentucky
Presentation (.pdf) 

Global Citizenship: Key Component of Canadian Post-Secondary Education 
Janine Knight-Grofe, CBIE; Richard Poulin, Université Laval; Virginia Macchiavello, Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Global Citizenship through Creativity, Activity, and Service
John Bader, International Baccalaureate; Dudley Doane, University of Virginia

Presentation (.pdf) 

Global University Rankings: Opportunities and Challenges 
Laura E. Rumbley, Boston College; Kris M. Smith, George Mason University; Kees Kouwenaar, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Presentation (.pdf) 

Glocal Human Resource Management: Strategies for International Personnel 
Paaige K. Turner, Webster University; Priya J. Kapila, CBIZ Human Capital Services; Victoria Jones, University of California, Irvine
Presentation (.pdf)

Graduate-Level Internationalization: Student Mobility Models and Trends 
Erich Dietrich, New York University; John Dirkx, Michigan State University; Rebecca Bellinger, University of Maryland 
Presentation (.pdf)  

How to Address Labor Market Relevance and Career Preparedness for International Students in Three Countries 
Markus Lemmens, North America University of Freiburg & Eucor; Britta Baron, University of Alberta, Edmonton; Lorna Jean Edmonds, Ohio University
Presentation (.pdf) 

Intercultural Competencies: How Secondary School Curricular Developments are Preparing Interculturally Competent University Students 
Clay Hensley, The College Board; Stephen Dunnett, SUNY Buffalo; Darla K. Deardorff, AIEA; Paul Sanders, International Baccalaureate 
Handout (.pdf) 

International Education Leadership of Tomorrow:  A Canadian Perspective
Marc Usunier, University of Saskatchewan; Jennifer Humphries, CBIE; Kyra Garson, Thompson Rivers University
Handout (.pdf) 

Internationalization and Faculty Engagement: Comparative Perspectives and Grounded Approaches to Best Practices from Canada, Australia and the U.S.A.
Melanie Agnew, University of Wisconsin; Rhonda Friesen, University of Manitoba; Douglas Proctor, University of Melbourne  
Presentation (.pdf) 

Internationalization of the Academy: Regional Perspectives  Sandra Meiras, University of Sydney; Stephanie Dion, University of Montreal; Gerd Rothenberg, University of Geneva
Presentation (.pdf)

Internationalizing the Campus Through Staff Development Opportunities
David Ayers, Purdue University; James Dorsett, Michigan State University; Megan McCarthy, Ohio State University; Lee Seedorff, University of Iowa 

Presentation (.pdf) 

Legal Issues Confronting SIOs 
Terence Miller, Marquette University; Lisa Lancia, Fordham University; Ilhyung Lee University of Missouri

Presentation (.pdf) | Case Studies (.pdf) 

National Trends and Policies for Internationalization: A Global Perspective 
Laura E. Rumbley, Boston College; Robin Matross Helms, American Council on Education; Hans de Wit, Boston College 
Presentation (.pdf) 

New Research on Internationalization: Moving from Theory to Practice
Laura E. Rumbley, Boston College; Douglas Proctor, University of Melbourne; Robin Matross Helms, American Council on Education 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Metrics of International Student Success 
Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation, LLC; David Di Maria, Montana State University; Kathleen Massey, McGill University 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Pathway Programs: What Should University Leaders Know?
Gretchen M. Bataille, Navitas; Michele Hawkins, Florida Atlantic University

Summary and Discussion Questions (.pdf) 

Profiles that Expand Global Citizenship: Approaches that Develop Intercultural Competence in Higher Education
Chris Cartwright,Intercultural Communication Institute; Mike Greto, Aperian Global; Cheryl D. Young, Miami University of Ohio
Presentation (.pdf); Case Study (.pdf) 

Project Atlas: The Value-Add of Data-Sharing
Jennifer Humphries, CBIE; Rajika Bhandari, IIE; Nico Jooste, International Education Association of South Africa 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Rising Above the Summit: Needs, Opportunities and Challenges for Professional Renewal and Growth Among Senior International Officers
David Di Maria, Montana State University; Imara Dawson, Ball State University; Jane Gatewood, University of Rochester
Handout (.pdf) 

The Administration of Campus Internationalization and The Virtues of a Centralized Approach
Harvey Charles, University at Albany, SUNY; Esther Gottlieb, Ohio State University; Rodger Brindley, University of South Florida; Helen Nicholson, University of Otago 
Presentation (.pdf) 

The Role of the SIO in Building Organizational Capacity for Internationalization 
Gonzalo Bruce, Emporia State University; David Di Maria, Montana State University; Wesley Milner, University of Evansville

Presentation (.pdf) 

Transitioning from International Student to Immigrant: The Role of Institutions in Supporting this Transition 
Timothy Owen, WES; John Wood, University at Buffalo SUNY; Janine Knight-Grofe, CBIE; Sonja Knutson, Memorial University 

Presentation (.pdf) 

University Partnerships: Developing Human and Institutional Capacity for Food Security 
Samantha Alvis, APLU; Amanda Crump, University of California, Davis; Ruth Mendum, Penn State University 
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