2015 Annual Conference 
Session Materials 

 Wajahat Ali: Plenary Luncheon 
Excerpt: The Power of Storytelling (.pdf) 

George Siemens: Opening Plenary 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Eva Egron-Polak: Association Breakfast
Presentation (.pdf)

Concurrent Sessions and Roundtables: 

A Great Global Conversation: The Impact of the Redesigned SAT on International Students
Lukman Arsalan, Albion College; Quinton McArthur, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; and Clay Hensley, The College Board
Presentation (.pdf) 

ACE's At Home in the World: Enhancing Collaboration Between International and Diversity Offices
Ingrid Schmidt, North Carolina State University; Gwendolyn Bookman, Bennett College; Heidi Hobbs, North Carolina State University
Presentation (.pdf)

Characterizing the SIO career landscape: Insights from discussions with SIOs
Lisa Hauck, North Dakota State University; Leigh Neys, University of Minnesota Duluth; Kim Riordan, University of Minnesota Duluth
Presentation (.pdf) 

CULCON/Waseda/Toyo Breakfast Session: New U.S.-Japan Initiatives to Promote Student Mobility
Masato Otaka, Japanese Embassy; Masakazu Iino, WasedaUniversity; Shingo Ashizawa, Toyo University; Paige Cottingham-Streater, U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation
Presentation (.pdf) 
Handout (.pdf) 

Fighting Back Against Fraud in the Academic Space
Michelle Hampton, ETS - TOEFL; Margit Schatzman, Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.; John Wood, University at Buffalo
Presentation (.pdf)

Global Leadership: Reality or Myth still in the Making
Eva Anneli Adams, California State Polytechnic University; Helen Bryant, Cultural Vistas
Presentation (.pdf) 

Global Learning: Implications for Programs and People in Teacher Preparation
Jennifer Manise, Longview Foundation for World Affairs and International Understanding; Margo Glew, Michigan State University; and Veronica Boix Mansilla, Harvard University 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Governance Structure for International Affairs of East Asian Universities: The Cases of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea
Katsuichi Uchida, Waseda University; Jun Hyun Hong, Chung-Ang University; and Kunliang Chuang, Feng Chia University 
Presentation 1 (.pdf) 
Presentation 2 (.pdf) 
Presentation 3 (.pdf) 

Graduate-level Internationalization for Global Integration
Erich Dietrich, New York University; John Dirkx, Michigan State University; Mike Proctor, University of Arizona
Presentation (.pdf) 

How to Integrate Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum to Promote Global Learning
H. Stephen Straight, Binghamton University; and Deborah Reisinger, Duke University 
Handout 1 (.pdf)
Handout 2 (.pdf)
Handout 3 (.pdf)
Handout 4 (.pdf) 

Implementing Liberal Arts and Sciences Education in Russia and Palestine:  Toward Mutuality and Equality in Theory and Practice
Susan H. Gillespie, Bard College; Denis Akhapkin, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences (Smolny College), St. Petersburg State University; and Rebecca Granato, Al-Quds Bard Honors College, Al-Quds University
Presentation (.pdf) 

Inconvenient Truths in International Higher Education
John Hearn, Worldwide Universities Network (WUN);  Jane Gatewood, University of Rochester; Britta Baron, University of Alberta
Presentation (.pdf) 

Increasing Study Abroad Participation in Constrained Resource Environments
Earl D. Kellogg, The Wyly Kellogg Group; Peter McPherson, APLU; Kathleen Fairfax, South Dakota State University
Presentation (.pdf) 

India and the United States: The Search for Meaningful and Sustainable Partnerships in Higher Education
Baishakhi Taylor, Duke University; Thomas Farrell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Katja Kurz, Cultural Vistas
Presentation (.pdf) 
Handout (.pdf) 

Interdisciplinary Thematic Approaches to Global Education
Susan Buck Sutton, Bryn Mawr College;  Hilary L. Link, Temple Univ. Rome Campus; Hilary E. Kahn, Indiana University
Presentation (.pdf) 

Internationalization and Community Engagement 
Gil Latz,  IUPUI;  Julie A. Hatcher, IUPUI; Hilary Landorf, Florida International University
Handout (.pdf) 

Language and Intercultural Competence 
John D. Heyl, CEA Study Abroad; Elspeth Jones, Leeds Beckett University; H. Stephen Straight, Binghamton University
Presentation (.pdf) 

Leadership in Faculty and Student Driven International Experiences: Strategies for Building Institutional Capacity and Cross-Campus Collaboration
Daniela Ascarelli, Drexel University; Heidi West, Drexel University; Amy Conger, University of Michigan
Presentation (.pdf) 

Leveraging the Intensive English Program (IEP) to Boost Campus Internationalization: Challenges and Successes
Mike Proctor, University of Arizona; Suzanne Panferov, University of Arizona; Becky George, University of California Santa Cruz
Presentation (.pdf) 

Navigating a Maze: Exploring Women's Journeys to Positions of Leadership in International Education 
Sabine Klahr, University of Utah; Mandy Hansen, Northern Arizona University 
Presentation (external link) 

Promoting Intercultural  Integration Amid Dramatic International Undergraduate Enrollment Growth
Meredith McQuaid, University of Minnesota; Darryl Calkins, Northeastern University; Richard Garrett, i-graduate North America
Presentation (.pdf)

Research on Internationalization News and Analysis from the Front Lines
Laura E. Rumbley, BC (CIHE); Robin Matross Helms, ACE (CIGE); Fiona Hunter, UCSC (CHEI)
Presentation (.pdf) 

Strategies and Staffing Innovations for International Student Integration
Michael Brzezinski, Purdue University; Wolfgang Schlör, Western Michigan University; and Nicole Tami, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Presentation (.pdf) 

Strategies for Moving SIOs to the Center of the Leadership Ecosystem
Hilary Landorf, Florida International University; Harvey Charles, Northern Arizona University; Stephanie Doscher, Florida International University
Presentation (.pdf) 

Successfully Creating Strategic International Recruitment and Retention Plans 
Lawrence Bell, University of Colorado - Boulder; Susan Kassab, ELS Educational Services, Inc.; Sandy Schoeps Tennies, Great Circle Global Education Consulting
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TeamUp: U.S.-Japan Educational Partnerships as a Vehicle for Student Mobility
Susan Sutton, Bryn MawrCollege; Shingo Ashizawa, Toyo University; Michael Pippenger, Columbia University; Paige Cottingham-Streater, U.S.-Japan Bridging Foundation
Presentation (.pdf) 
Handout (.pdf) 

The Comprehensive Approach to International Student Success: A Public Diplomacy Imperative
Jarred Butto, EducationUSA; and Lindsay Addington, NACAC
Presentation (.pdf) 

The EAIE Barometer: Internationalization in Europe  
Markus Laitinen, European Association for International Education (EAIE); Anna-Malin Sandstrom, European Association for International Education (EAIE)
Presentation (.pdf) 

The Platinum Rule: Enhancing Education Abroad through Faculty Engagement
Leonardo Villalón, University of Florida; Nicola Kernaghan, University of Florida; Anthony C. Ogden, University of Kentucky
Presentation (.pdf)

The Role of the SIO in the Retention and Engagement of International Students
Sheila Schulte, NAFSA; Rahul Choudaha, World Education Services; Rachawan Wongtrirat, Old Dominion University; and Fanta Aw, American University
Presentation (.pdf) 

The Shift to a Learner- Centered Approach: Implications and Tools
Tim Birtwistle, Lumina Foundation Consultant; Courtney Brown, Lumina Foundation; and Robert Wagenaar, Tuning Academy 
Presentation (.pdf) 

The SIO and Internationalisation of the Curriculum: From output to outcomes
Jos Beelen, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Darla Deardorff, Duke University; Lavern Samuels, Durban University of Technology
Presentation (.pdf) 

The Winds of Change: Restructuring an international office to enhance campus-wide international engagement
Sonja Knutson, Memorial University; Adel El Zaim, University of British Columbia 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Two Units One Partnership: Building an Alliance Between Study Abroad & International Services
Jane Kucko, Texas Christian University; and John Singleton, Texas Christian University  
Presentation (.pdf)

Universities of Eastern Europe: How to Reach and Cooperate with HEIs in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
Bogdan Voronovskiy, Eastern European University Association
Presentation (.pdf) 

What’s covered?  An analysis of university travel policies and implications for campus leadership
Amy Conger, University of Michigan; James Holloway, University of Michigan; Meredith McQuaid, University of Minnesota; David Wilson, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Handout (.pdf)