2015-2016 Thematic Forums 

Global Learning through the Co-Curriculum 
Leveraging Industry Partnerships in a Global Context for Student and Faculty Success
Comprehensive University Internationalization: Strategies for East and South Asia
Inclusion and Diversity in Study Abroad: How to Create an Inclusive Environment 

Global Learning Through the Co‐Curriculum

Thematic Forum sponsored by AIEA and Virginia Commonwealth University 
March 17-18, 2016
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This forum, intended for SIOs, Deans, and Student Affairs leaders, will focus on the rich potential for global learning on campus beyond the classroom, including intentional and structured collaborations between international and domestic students. Co‐curricular programming as a locus for internationalization is emerging as a highly effective platform for achieving global learning outcomes and merits significant attention. Participants will hear from speakers representing multiple institutions and perspectives, including leaders in Global Education, Students Affairs, and Academic Affairs, from large and small, public and private, traditionally residential and non‐residential campuses. Sessions will be highly interactive, with opportunities for both high‐level conversations about the advancement of global learning outcomes on campuses and both proven and emerging strategies for globally engaging domestic and international students in classrooms, campuses, and communities, both face‐to‐face and virtually. There will also be opportunities for casual conversations on topics of common interest, such as over dinner at a local restaurant in Richmond’s excellent Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Learn more at the VCU Thematic Forum page. 

Leveraging Industry Partnerships in a Global Context for Student and Faculty Success

Thematic Forum sponsored by AIEA and North Carolina State University
March 21-22, 2016  in Talley Student Union, Piedmont Ballroom, NC State University 
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NC State is proud to be hosting a Thematic Forum in partnership with the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA). The Thematic Forum allows leaders in international education to explore opportunities to enhance student success and faculty engagement through innovative partnerships with industry, nonprofits, and the private sector. NC State is uniquely positioned to offer the forum due to extensive partnerships in the Research Triangle area that allow new levels of global competitiveness and competence among students, faculty, and staff.

With resources for internationalization becoming more limited each year, industry partnerships open new opportunities for students and faculty to engage with businesses in a global context to prepare graduates for the world economy.

Forum Objectives:

  1. Explore opportunities and challenges of industry partnerships in international education.
  2. Learn about innovative examples and plan ways to connect students with industry in a meaningful global context.
  3. Hear from successful international student entrepreneurs.
  4. Learn about entrepreneurial industry connections relating to faculty excellence.

Comprehensive University Internationalization: Strategies for East and South Asia

Thematic Forum sponsored by AIEA and the U.S.-China Institute at Bryant University
November 12-13, 2015
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The forum aimed to create a dialogue for academic institutions to better understand East and South Asia’s fast evolving education systems and the implications for U.S. higher education institutions. As such, the discussion centered on helping these institution’s senior international officers become aware of effective recruiting practices in East and South Asia, to better understand the needs of Asian students on their campuses, and to develop institutional strategies to better engage Asia.

Session Descriptions are available at this link (.pdf)


Inclusion and Diversity in Study Abroad: How to Create an Inclusive Environment

Thematic Forum sponsored by AIEA and SIT Study Abroad
August 4, 2015
Final Report (.pdf) 

SIT Study Abroad hosted a one-day workshop on our Brattleboro, Vermont campus on the theme of inclusion and diversity in study abroad.

The sessions included discussions about ethnicity, physical ability, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, geographic representation, and other life experiences that enable an individual to uniquely contribute to his or her peer group. The Forum focused on different aspects of the student experience, from academics to life beyond the classroom, from orientation to reentry. 

SIT's Academic Directors, who lead experiential education programs in over 30 countries around the world, together with invited participants and registered guests, developed concrete, relevant, and meaningful strategies for creating inclusivity on study abroad programs.