2014 Session Materials 

The following session materials for AIEA Annual Conference sessions and roundtables have graciously been provided by conference presenters. 

Keynote Speaker: Derald Wing Sue
Universalizing Global Learning: Homogenizing or Valuing Differences?  
Presentation (.pdf) 

A Research Agenda for the Internationalization of Higher Education in the United States, 2nd Edition
Presenters: Kevin Kinser, State University of New York, Albany; Anthony Ogden, University of Kentucky; Robin Sakamoto, Kyorin University
Presentation (.pdf)

Becoming a Social Media Publisher: A Comprehensive Review of Social Media Management Tools
Presenters: Jessica Winters, University of Groningen; Michael Waxman-Lenz, Intead: International Education Advantage, LLC; Paul Hofmann, California State University-Fresno
Presentation (.pdf)

Benefits of the Fulbright International Education Administrator Seminars – Perspectives from Members of the 2013 Japan Cohort 
Presenters: Dale LaFleur, University of Arizona; Eveadean M. Myers, North Dakota State University; Alexandra Squitieri, Fulbright Scholar Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES)
Presentation (.pdf) 

Career-Smart STEM Curricula: Access to Global Learning and Professional Development in the STEM Disciplines 
Presenters: Katja Kurz, Cultural Vistas; Gayle Elliott, University of Cincinnati; Tony Munro, University of Waterloo, Nina Lemmens, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Presentation (.pdf) Handout (.pdf) 

Challenges & Opportunities at the Community College: Internationalizing the Curriculum
Presenters: Carol Fimmen, Alamo Colleges; Alba De Leon, Palo Alto College; LaTanya Woods, Alamo Colleges
Session Blog (webpage) Presentation (.pdf) Handout (.pdf) 

Challenges and Opportunities in Advancing Global Learning
Jill E. Blondin, Virginia Commonwealth University; Leslie Bozeman, Virginia Commonwealth University; Virginia Haufler, University of Maryland
Presentation (.pdf)

Creating Global Citizens Locally: Introducing an "Internationalizing the Curriculum" Initiative on Campus 
Presenters:  Lisa Ijiri, Lesley University; Bill Clabby, St. Edward’s University; Jennifer Robertson, Valencia College
Presentation (.pdf)  Handout(.pdf) 

Developing an International Student Retention Strategy: Theory to Practice
Presenters: David Di Maria, Kent State University; C.K. Kwai, University of Maine
Presentation (.pdf) 

EducationUSA and Foreign Government Sponsored Students
Presenters:  Andrew Masloski, EducationUSA; Lorna Middlebrough,  U.S. Department of State; Rosemarie Arens, EducationUSA
Presentation (.pdf) 

Faculty-Driven Global Learning Assessment: A Closer Look
Presenters: Madeleine F. Green, NAFSA and International Association of Universities; Hilary Landorf, Florida International University; Jenifer Cushman, Juniata College
Presentation (.pdf)

Faculty Internationalization: Driving global research on Campus: Tale of Two Institutions
Presenters: Nicoka Kernaghan, University of Florida International Center; Brijesh Thapa, University of Florida; Richard Nader, University of North Texas
Presentation (Thapa) (.pdf) 

Faculty-Student Interactions and the Integration of International Students: Issues and Innovations

Presenters: Chris Glass, Old Dominion University; Andrew Furco, University of Minnesota; Katherine Beaumont, Unviersity of British Columbia 
Presentation (.pptx) Handout (.pdf) 

International Partnership Relationship Management: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Presenters: Danny Damron, Brigham Young University; Sabine Klahr, University of Utah
Handout (.pdf)

How Do We Know if it is Working? Assessing Learning in Study Abroad
Presenters: Elizabeth Brewer, Beloit College; Jenifer Cushman, Juniata College
Presentation (.pdf) Handout 1 (.pdf) Handout 2 (.pdf) Handout 3 (.pdf) 

Internationalization and Stewardship of Urban Places
Presenters: Gil Latz,IUPUI;  Susan Sutton, Bryn Mawr College; Barbara Hill,American Council on Education
Presentation (.pdf) 

Lessons Learned from the ACE/COIL Internationalization through Technology Awards
Presenters: Jon Rubin, State University of New York Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL); Lindsay Addington, National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC); Hans de Wit,Catholic University of Sacro Cuore
Presentation (.pdf) 

Managing the SIO Role: Self, Superiors, and Subordinates
Presenters: Paaige Turner, Saint Louis University; Danny Damron, Brigham Young University; John D. Heyl, CEA Study Abroad
Presentation (.pdf) 

Mapping and Assessing Global Learning: Challenges and Strategies
Presenters: Jenifer Cushman, Juniata College; Gerald Kruse, Juniata College; Kathryn Westcott, Juniata College
Presentation (.pdf) 

Mapping Your International Agenda for Strategic Planning
Presenters: Adelaide Ferguson, Global Education Consultant; Joanna Regulska, Rutgers University; Susan Carvalho, University of Kentucky
Presentation (.pdf) 

Measuring Education Abroad Participation on a National Scale: Strategies and Benefits 
Kate Geddie, Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC); Jo Asquith, James Cook University International; Rajika Bhandari, Institute of International Education (IIE) 
Presentation 1 (.pdf) Presentation 2 (.pdf) 

Measuring International Collaboration: Developing a Ruler for Country-Level Engagement
Presenters: Jessica Gallagher, University of Queensland; Geoff Bianchi, University of Queensland; Jen Nielsen Kane, University of Queensland 
Link to presentation and video demonstration (webpage) 

Models for Initiating and Sustaining sub-Saharan Africa and U.S. HEI Partnerships
Presenters: Clara Priester, EducationUSA; Arlene Jackson, American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU); Cheryl Francisconi, EducationUSA; Minnie Battle Mayes, North Carolina A&T State University
Presentation (.pdf) 

Multicultural, Multilingual Higher Education in the Age of Anglophonization
Presenters: Hans de Wit, Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI); Karen M. Lauridsen, School of Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus; H. Stephen Straight, Binghamton University, State University of New York
Presentation (.pdf) Handout (.pdf) 

National and Regional Policies for Internationalization: US and European Perspectives
Presenters: Laura Rumbley, Boston College Center for International Higher Education; Robin Matross Helms, American Council on Education; Patti McGill Peterson, American Council on Education; Nina Lemmens, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Presentation (.pdf) Presentation 2 (.pdf) 

Perspectives of Foreign Students in Making International Education Choices
Presenters:  Kim Morrison, Grok Education Services; Lakshmi Iyer, Sannam S4
Presentation 1 (Morrison) (.pdf) Presentation 2 (Iyer) (.pdf) 

Sayonara No More: Why Japanese students are not studying abroad
Presenters: Richard Porter, Sam Houston State University; Kazuko Suematsu, Professor, Tohoku University; Mina Mizumatsu, Tohoku University
Presentation (.pdf)

Sponsored Students and Partnership Opportunities in Iraq
Presenters: Lorna Middlebrough, US Department of State; Tahani Al Sandook, Embassy of the Republic of Iraq; Karwan Zebari, Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq; Lori Mason, IREX 
Presentation (.pdf) Handout (.pdf) 

Sustainable International Enrollment Growth:Insights from Canada

Presenters: Paul Bailey,  Edu-Canada; Dan Guhr, Illuminate Consulting Group
Presentation 1 (.pdf) Presentation 2 (.pdf)

Strategic Engagement with Countries in Transition: The Case of Myanmar
Presenters: Clare Banks, Institute of International Education; Zack Klim, New York University, Steinhardt; Chris McCord, Northern Illinois University, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Presentation (.pdf) 

The Comprehensive Approach to Global Learning: A Public Diplomacy Imperative
Presenters: Jarred Butto, U.S. Department of State; Lindsay Addington, National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC); Brian Sponsler, NASPA: Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
Presentation (.pdf) 

The International Student Experience, on the Ground: Integrated and Embraced, or a Mismatch between Reality and Expectations?
Anna Esaki-Smith, British Council, Hong Kong; Rodolfo “Rudie” Altamirano, University of Pennsylvania; Anita Mastroieni, University of Pennsylvania; Elizabeth Redden, Inside Higher Ed
Presentation 1 (.pdf) Presentation 2 (.pdf) 

The Interplay of Ideas and Reality in Study Abroad
Michael Steinberg, IES Abroad; Leo Van Cleve, California State University System; Jacqueline Levine, University of Rochester
Presentation (.pdf) 

The Role of Critical Language Teaching and Learning in Creating Global Professionals
Presenter: Ling LeBeau, Indiana University Bloomington 
Presentation (.pdf) 

Three Strategies for Faculty Engagement in Internationalizing the Curriculum
Anthony Pinder, Georgia Gwinnett College; Rudy Jackson, Georgia Gwinnett College; Charles A. Calahan, Purdue University
Presentation (.pdf)

Washington Update 2014
Presenters: David Fleshler, Case Western Reserve University; Michael McCarry, Alliance for International Educational & Cultural Exchange; Miriam Kazanjian, Coalition for International Education
Washington Update 2014- Kazanjian Presentation (.pdf)